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RaceRoom Racing Experience – BMW Z4 GT3 Licenced.




Another day, another license! for real…

Today SimBin Studios is pleased to announce that the BMW Z4 GT3 will join RaceRoom Racing Experience!

Insider.SimBin Quote:

It time to end this license news spree with another GT3 car from Germany.
We are so keen about our partnership with BMW, and that we have received access to some of the greatest cars born of the BMW Motorsport heritage. Today we are happy to share with you that the BMW Z4 GT3 will be available in RaceRoom Racing Experience!

The BMW Z4 GT3 has had many successes on the race track, this endurance racing beast seems invincible from time to time and is very popular for many racing teams around the world!

Unlike its road going little sister which is carrying a 6 cylinder engine, the BMW Z4 GT3 has a v8 powering this wide body race monster.
And in the white corner we have, from Germany, the BMW Z4 GT4, powered by a 4.4 Litre V8 weighing in at 1190 KG, outputting a mere 508 BHP.



RaceRoom Racing Experience – BMW Z4 GT3 Licenced. 

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