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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Development blog

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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Development news

Simbin published a new RaceRoom Racing Experience development blog post explaining what they are working on and what we can expect in the next patch that will be released next week. First of all the track updates that will feature the Corner Marker Toggle.

  • Circuit Zolder
  • Hungaroring
  • Indianapolis
  • Monza Circuit


RaceRoom Racing Experience


The Simbin development team also stated that they noticed performance issues on some of the R3E tracks, and they will try to roll out some performance optimizations to tackle the issues. Talking about issues, some unfortunate players might have noticed some problems with the latest NVIDIA drivers that will make your graphic driver crash, while playing RaceRoom Racing Experience. Together with nVidia the RR3 Dev team is hard at work to get the problems resolved. They stated that there is progress solving these problems, but possible fixes are still in a test phase. A current workaround is to roll back the video drivers to version 332.21.

Work on the temporary R3E menu is shaping up nicely. Eventually, this menu will be replaced with a WEB based interface technology. Simbin states that the overall design, look and feel of the menus do represent what the team has in mind.


RaceRoom Racing Experience Nissan  RaceRoom Racing Experience Nissan


In the previous blog Simbin already explained that they are working hard on finishing up the Multi-player Alpha. The first users that will be able to use this feature are the DTM Experience 2014 Season Pass holders. The multiplayer feature in DTM Experience is scheduled somewhere in May. A few weeks later all DTM Experience 2013 owners will receive the update. Finaly around June when the web based Menus should be ready and implemented, everyone will be able to enjoy multi-player.

Last but not least this development update also contained a few preview screenshots of the Nissan GTR GT3 Nismo that is in the works for RaceRoom Racing Experience. Next two two render previews, you can have a look at the car in-game wearing the JRM livery and you can a screen of the GTR cockpit.

Official Webpage –


RaceRoom Racing Experience Nissan  RaceRoom Racing Experience Nissan

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