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RaceRoom Racing Experience multiplayer news and more

In the latest SimBin development blog, the development team explain that they are preparing for the DTM Experience and RaceRoom Racing Experience Multiplayer Alpha patch, and provide us with some basic information on what the MP Alpha will include. The Alpha multiplayer patch is reported to be a big patch. Together with the Multiplayer Alpha function, Simbin will include a batch of fixes and improvements.

All but 9 9 DTM Experience tracks have been updated with the corner marker toggle. The remaining DTM Experience tracks will have a slight delay because the development team wants to optimize them a little more before rolling out the patch. For this reason, next weeks patch will be only a small one, containing a few fixes and changes from the portal. The patch will also include some files regarding content that will become available in store soon.

The current Focus in the SimBin Studio is fully aimed at the multiplayer Alpha. As reported earlier, this multiplayer version will first become available to DTM Experience season pass holders. The feature is planned to be rolled out in just a few weeks.  The roll-out for RaceRoom Racing Experience users will follow later.

Work on the multi-player is shaping up nicely, and it is reported that the servers are now running fully compatible with the SimBin Online Protocol system. The development team is streamlining a few things such as collisions and position bar areas. Some of the team members are finishing up the R3E Experience temporary menu that is needed to enable multiplayer. Also, interesting is the fact that their might appear a fully revamped Single Race with a completely reworked AI.

Further more, Simbin explained what the multiplayer Alpha Update will include. While at this time the multiplayer option is focused on the DTM Experience version of the game, some features will not apply to the RaceRoom Racing Experience multiplayer mode.

 Multiplayer Alpha facts

  • Multiplayer Alpha in DTM Experience will include full grid races in DTM tracks.
  • It will feature DTM overlays and a Timing menu. (Comparable to the Single Race mode version). These overlays can be toggled on and off via the options screen.
  • As in Single Race, Black flag rules can be enabled/disabled by the server.
  • Mechanical Damage can be enabled/disabled by the server. For testing purposes there will be servers running with each option enabled.
  • DRS can be enabled/disabled by the server. Again, for testing purposes there will be servers running with each option enabled.
  • Car Setup will be available in Get Real mode.
  • Novice, Amateur and Get Real modes will be available. Servers will be up, running all 3 difficulties.
  • All Sessions will be included, but will mainly have Practice, Qualify and Race enabled. (Warm up and multiple Qualifying sessions will most likely not be enabled)
  • There will be a variety of session lengths for testing purposes ranging from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes.
  • As long as the multiplayer is in Alpha, there will be no championship. When you complete the race and the race results are displayed, you will be returned to the Server Browser screen.
  • No teams, leagues, points system or leaderboards will be available during alpha testing.

Simbin also explains that it will not setup servers in different continents on the initial alpha stage. All the initial test servers will be located in Germany. SimBin is investigating the options to implement a more global solution, but reports that so far the server latency between players from European country’s and other continents is way better than expected.

Let’s do not forget that the main purpose of the DTM Experience and RaceRoom Racing Experience Multiplayer Alpha version is to stress test the infrastructure and optimize the server and network code and bandwidth based on the results.

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