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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Nissan R35 GTR GT1 Licence.




The Simbin licencing train is still rolling . After yesterdays  McLaren MP4-12C GT3. today Simbin revealed the news that the Nissan R35 GTR GT1 will become part of the RaceRoom Racing Experience Sim.  

Insider.SimBin Quote:

After some European and American brand announcements we bring you some exciting news from East Asia.

SimBin Studios is very happy to announce that they have reached a license agreement with Nissan Motor Company from Japan. Nissan is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers and has a long history in the automotive industry.

With Nissan’s very interesting and successful racing pedigree there are plenty of legendary and modern cars to choose from. And I promise you we have!

But as with the other announcements we start the publication of this deal with a car that has made a name for itself since its release. A car with a very familiar name to not only us, but now also to Nissan. We are happy to tell you that the Nissan R35 GTR GT1 will be part of RaceRoom Racing Experience.



RaceRoom Racing Experience – Nissan R35 GTR GT1 Licence. 

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