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RaceRoom Racing Experience Q&A Part 5. by Diego Sartori.



RaceRoom Racing Experience Q&A Part 5.  by Diego Sartori.

Diego Satori of SimBin went through yet another Q&A  This is part 5.

There is a new button in the Teaser main menu called ‘Join The Beta’

By pressing this button you can apply for access to the closed Beta program and get early access to some of the content, game modes and features that will be in the release of RaceRoom Racing Experience. In addition, you will be able to comment on the game in a dedicated forum where you will have the chance to discuss your impressions of the beta. This will help us make sure the product meets the high quality requirements we have set for it.

What is the new Bonus Challenge button in the Teaser all about?

We wanted to share a little more content with you guys so we have added the Saleen S7R and the additional RaceRoom Raceway Bridge layout to the Teaser.

Pressing the Bonus Challenge button in the menu system will launch the Leaderboard Challenge using the Saleen S7R on the Bridge layout of the RaceRoom Raceway trac. The car will be running Amateur physics and the track will use the more liberal Teaser/Amateur Difficulty specific Cut Track Corridor.

For those of you that have been playing earlier SimBin games, the Saleen S7R should be a familiar sight, it has been featured in GTR, GTR2, GTR Evolution and RACE Pro. For those of you that are new to SimBin racing games this car will of course be a first, and, hopefully welcome sight.
There are several reasons why we chose to use the Saleen S7R as our Bonus Challenge surprise for the Teaser and I will try to explain a few of these reasons.

The Saleen S7R has as mentioned been with SimBin through all of our earlier games featuring GT cars, meaning it has been with us since the start and it felt natural that it would be with us for the start of our new adventure with RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Having been lucky enough to have seen and heard this car on race tracks around the world, I can honestly say that it makes an impression when it comes racing past you, not only do you hear the car, you feel it in your chest too.
This trait in the car is something that we never really got right in our earlier games where driving the car somehow left you with a feeling of something missing. This is not the case when you drive the car in RaceRoom Racing Experience, here you hear and feel the car in a way that does the real car justice.

Does this mean that all cars in RaceRoom Racing Experience are just a repeat of old cars you have/used before?

No, absolutely not, surely there will be some cars you guys may have seen before, we do after all cover a lot of ground with RaceRoom Racing Experience, but for the most part the cars and many of the tracks in the game will be new and/or firsts from SimBin.

Why aren’t you showing the Get Real™ driving model with the extra car?

The reason for that is that game and infrastructure design simply does not allow the Teaser to carry and take proper advantage of the Get Real™ difficulty setting as there is more to this setting than just the driving model itself. I hope you guys will enjoy the Saleen S7R, see you on the other side of the Bridge.

-Diego Sartori.

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