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RaceRoom Racing Experience – SimBin Dev-Blog 2014



Simbin talks about their development plans  for RaceRoom Racing Experience during 2014.  One of the community´s most wanted features is a multiplayer option, and Simbin now stated that these features will be implemented this year. Some more features that the team will be working on are explained.  Simbin explains that they will try to provide better support and collaboration with 3rd parties who will be able to develop telemetry, motion apps and plugins. To do so, Simbin will create a public API documentation explaining everything that is available. The API will be improved upon feedback retrieved from the creators of these applications.

The coding team of Simbin is busy optimizing som code that was implemented at release, but can significantly improve performance while the in-game browser team are working on some browser optimizations. The art team is busy planning and preparing some new content.

Also interesting news is that now Wojciech Kedzierski is recruited to join the Simbin art team.  Anyone who does use mods now and then , might know Wojciech better as ” Feels3″  It is fair to say that Wojciech is one of the modders that made the ISI rFactor 2 platform more interesting, by providing some awesome free content. A sad moment for rFactor 2 fans, but definitely an added value for the Simbin track team.  On that note, it might be interesting to know that Simbin is still on the lookout for talent.  If you’re interested in becoming a track/environment artist, let them know.

Original article at Simbin Insider

Feels3 quote:

I still remember the first day in the office around seven months ago. I was stressed but very excited while still couldn’t believe how quickly things can change in life.
I joined and became part of a very big project straight from the beginning. I was very happy because of the opportunity and I was motivated to give my best and show what I can do. After meeting the team and seeing the positive chemistry between everyone here, I had the feeling that I made the right choice and that I was in the right place.
Adjusting to things in Sweden was surprisingly easy for me with all the support from the team. Thanks to them I was able to not only gain priceless experience, but also strengthen the team.
People in the art team have different background, different experiences and different preferences. But we all share the same vision of perfect looking tracks, and we are using our full potential to pursue our vision and deliver high quality tracks in the future.
As a former modder, I’d like to take this chance and give an advice to all those passionate people around the world who would like to start a new adventure in their lives. Where I come from we have a good saying “If your dreams don’t scare you, it means that they are not big enough”, so follow your dreams!

-Wojciech “Feels3″ Kedzierski


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