RaceRoom Racing Experience – Sound like a Boss!

RaceRoom Racing Experience Sound

RaceRoom Racing Experience – Sound like a Boss!

Just after the newly formed Sector3 Studio released the latest update for RaceRoom Racing Experience, it seems that the free to play racing game is gaining interest and support of the community. Graphically the game is looking fine , and many users seem to enjoy the current physics.

However, the part where the game really shines is the audio. R3E is nothing more than breathtaking when it comes to in-game sounds. Both external and internal sound sets are top notch. Sounds have been the most underestimated part of a racing game in the last few years. The last few years most modern simulators did improve massively when it came to graphics, The sound, on the other hand has pretty much stayed the same for years. Sector3 Studios have raised the bar and recognized that the sound is a very important part of the overall immersion of a racer.

The internal R3E sounds are beautiful, but its the external sound-scape that raised the bar. No Simulator or Racing game out there comes close to the sound environment Sector3 have created for R3E. Davide744858 posted a video featuring the R3E BMW 134 Judd powered hill climb monster. This video is a good example of the superb audio that is featured in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Official Webpage – http://game.raceroom.com/  –  http://sector3studios.com/