RaceRoom Racing Experience – The Radical SR9 is coming to R3E!

SimBin is proud to announce that the Radical SR9 will soon join RaceRoom Racing Experience and that both the Judd and AER powered SR9 will be available, so choose your favorite (or grab both) and enjoy!

SimBin Quote: The team here at SimBin is a small one, but we’re doing big things. We understand what it means to compete against rivals with a bigger bankroll and larger staff. We know about passion, commitment, and working extra hours to deliver a quality product on a tight deadline.


It isn’t always fun, but we do it because we love what we do, and a look at the history of Radical Sportscars makes their team feel like kindred spirits. Radical Sportscars began as a four-man operation and has since matured into a name recognized around the world. One known for delivering a quality built, affordable and reliable racing cars on a tight schedule! In 2005, Radical announced the SR9 and their intention to enter the car in the LMP2 class of the European LeMans series. It was a huge undertaking, but in less than a year Radical made good on their promise and entered the SR9 into the series.


The SR9 was remarkably competitive, thus surpassing expectations for the quickly produced car and making Radical recognized as a serious contender on the racetrack. This achievement was crowned by the brand new SR9 competing in and finishing the 24 hours of LeMans!The team at Radical Sportscars knows racing and the SR9 proved to be groundbreaking on many levels.

Official Website – http://game.raceroom.com/ –   Check out http://insider.simbin.com 

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