RaceRoom – Reality or Game – Audi R8 LMS Ultra at Macau

RaceRoom Racing Experience Audi R8 LMS Ultra at Macau

RaceRoom – Reality or Game – Audi R8 LMS Ultra at Macau

DigiProst published a new “Reality or Game” video featuring RaceRoom Racing Experience by Sector3 which in our humble opinion is one the best yet most underestimated simulator titles on the market.

Sometimes referred to as “the best racing game you’ve never heard of” , RaceRoom Racing Experience is an ever growing Free2Play Simulation title that already features a very original selection of classic and modern content and contains a wealth of beautifully crafted and highly detailed circuits for you to race on. The vehicle sound quality is currently unrivaled, and will surely help you get immersed into the world of virtual motorsport.

In his latest video, DigiProst lets us enjoy a few laps on his triple screen sim racing cockpit driving the RaceRoom Audi R8 LMS Ultra around the narrow Macau street circuit while chasing the R3E Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT. Both the Audi R8 LMS Ultra and Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT are included in the ADAC GT Masters 2014 Pack that is available at the RaceRoom Store.

RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) is the worldwide leading free-to-play motorsport simulations for PC and is your point of access to international race series like ADAC GT Masters, DTM and WTCC as well as legendary race cars and world renowned race tracks.

A selection of free content is available to you in single- and multi-player modes. Online events provide you the opportunity to experience also premium game content for free. Optional game content like race cars, car liveries and tracks you can purchase anytime individually or in content packages with the in-game currency “virtual Race Points (vRP).”

Official Webpage – game.raceroom.com  –  sector3studios.com
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