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RaceRoom – Update and Anderstorp Track Released

RaceRoom - Update and Anderstorp Track Released

RaceRoom – Update and Anderstorp Track Released

Sector3 Studios has released a new update and new content for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

This new RaceRoom update contains a small list of fixes and improvements and brings the Swedish Anderstorp Raceway circuit to the simulation. The track features two layouts being the 4.025 km Grand Prix circuit and the 2.0 km long South section. Check out the changelog below for more details.

The core RaceRoom Racing Experience is free for all and can be installed from this Steam link. The Anderstorp addon track is available at the RaceRoom Store for €2.98.

RaceRoom - Anderstorp Raceway

Anderstorp Raceway, previously known as Scandinavian Raceway, is a 4.03 km / 2.5 miles racing circuit in Anderstorp, Sweden. The track was built in 1968. During the 1970s Anderstorp hosted six Formula One Swedish Grand Prix.

The track has also hosted plenty of national and international racing events such as the Swedish motorcycle Grand Prix, European Touring Car Championship, Superbike World Championship, FIA GT Championship, FIA World Touring Car Championship, and the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC).

Changelog 04-05-2017:

  • Released Anderstorp Circuit.


  • Fixed an issue where time allowed to give a position was showing 15 seconds instead of 30.
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes received a penalty while on the grid at the start of MP race.
  • Added a 2 second period during which the yellow flag is caused still can be overtaken after he/she has fulfilled the criteria for not causing a yellow anymore.
  • Increased the speed threshold needed to release a yellow flag.


  • Added a setting “Stay in Practice Session if Empty” to turn on/off session freeze to dedi. If ON, the server will stay in practice session if it’s empty. If OFF the server will continue to qualifying even if it’s empty.
  • Added a setting “Allow Players Join in Qualifying” to allow/disallow players join during Qualifying. If OFF players can’t join during Qualifying. If ON players can join during Qualifying.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Mclaren 650s: Camera update following the steering wheel alignment fix.
    Suzuka: Fixed BMW Procar going wide in 130R and fixed too harsh 130R cut rules


  • McLaren 650s GT3: Fixed alignment of the steering wheel.

Portal & Backend:

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with competition starting and ending time being x hours off depending on the players local time difference to UTC.
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