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RaceRoom Updated – FR X-90 CUP Available

RaceRoom Updated - FR X-90 CUP Available

RaceRoom Updated – FR X-90 CUP Available

Sector3 Studios deployed a new update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title. Besides a healthy list of fixes and improvements for the simulator, this latest update also adds some new DLC content in the form of the Formula RaceRoom 90 car which is an open-wheeler roughly based on a selection of Formula One cars from the ’90s.

The FR 90 takes you back to an era of open-wheel racing that undeniably featured some of the most beautiful designs in motorsports history and the times of raw engine power producing an incredible sound environment, that to this day makes the hair stand up on every true motorsport fan. The FR 90 comes with three different engine types: V8, V10, and V12. Each with its own handling characteristics and of course unique engine note.

The FR X-90 CUP pack DLC is available via the RaceRoom Store for €8.97 including 3 car versions and 34 liveries. The individual cars are available for €3.98. Liveries are €0.29 each.

FR90 Red


Update details:

Download size = ca 975 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3889446
Dedi version = 52.0.945
Dedi BuildID = 3889460

New content

  • Added the Formula RaceRoom 90 V8, V10 and V12 cars.


  • Added a key assignment to Move&Scale HUD elements. Once pressed, the mouse cursor will appear. Left click will drag a HUD element around while a Right click will scale the size of the element up or down.
  • Added a key assignment to reset the HUD elements positions and scale.
  • Updated to Fanatec SDK 3.8
  • Added default profiles for Fanatec Podium DD1 and DD2.
  • Added support for the flag LED’s on Fanatec rims
  • Added a key assignment to turn the displays and LED’s on rims and wheelbases off.
  • Added Tyre loads to shared memory (using a reserved data holder to preserve backward compatibility)
  • Added support in physics engine for different shift times depending on the gears being shifted.
  • Fixed an issue where brake disks were pre-heated to optimal temperatures when spawning the vehicle in sessions other than Time-Attack.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game web overlays settings would be lost with every game update.
  • Changed the amount of analog input required to register a key assignment from 50% to 25% of the axis range. (this is relevant when assigning an axis to an on/off toggle control)


  • AMG-Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II 1992 – Sounds improved
  • Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964) – Tweaked some logos on livery #15
  • Volkswagen ID. R – Various visual upgrades to match the final design of the real car.
  • Circuit Zandvoort – Fix for a TV camera on the straight that was sitting a bit high.
  • Circuit Zolder – New static TV cameras
  • Moscow Raceway – Changed 3 trackside banner billboards so they show on both sides. Upgraded HUD track maps for FIM and Full layouts to higher resolutions.
  • Zhuhai – New static TV cameras
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