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RameRoom Racing Experience – Easter promo Sale

RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Racing Experience Easter Sale

Simbin’s Development team are enjoying their Easter holiday. While they all are enjoying Easter with friends and family, Simbin invites you to try the new RaceRoom Racing Experience class based challenges they have put up. The four new Challenges on the RRE competition page feature a choice of 16 cars you can race on 4 different tracks.They even combined the new events with a big Easter sale promo. If you see something you like, then here is the opportunity to head over to the RRE store and pick up that car or track at half price. That is 50% off the normal price until April 22nd, 2014 at 0900 CET.

Simbin also announced that after the Easter holidays they will start releasing new features and game modes for RaceRoom Racing Experience. The most anticipated feature is without a doubt the multiplayer option. Simbin will start of with an alpha release of the multiplayer functionality for DTM Experience Season Pass holders.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a Free2Race game that connects fans of racing around a game and motorsports portal.

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