Reiza Studios Copa Petrobras de Marcas – Updated Audio.

Reiza Studios Copa Petrobras de Marcas

Reiza Studios Copa Petrobras de Marcas – Audio comparison

When Reiza Studios released their free4all Copa Petrobras de Marcas simulation back in November 2014, one of the criticised elements of the game was the sound. The Reaiza development team realizes that the sounds are a crucial aspect of the game immersion and therefore always record high-fidelity audio from the real vehicles.

While we surely did not find anything wrong with the sounds, Reiza Studios pointed out that there were indeed a few errors of RPM mismatch on some of the samples. They have now corrected the errors and adjusted the pitch to better correspond to the actual recordings. Rieza Studios posted a video giving us the opportunity to compare the real vs the in-game audio.

The Sound updates will be included in both the standalone release, as well as the GSC Extreme add-on of Copa Petrobras de Marcas.

The Copa Petrobras de Marca Touring Car Series was born in 2011 competing in 16 races during 8 weekends with cars such as the Chevrolet Astra, Ford Focus and Honda Civic. Also a few Toyota Corolla joined the race, but where not officially part of the series. After the first and very successful season, the Copa Petrobras Series had five official brands on the grid. Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Ford.

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