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Reiza Studios February 2020 Development Update – AMS2 Beta Released To Backers

Reiza Studios February 2020 Development Update - AMS2 Beta Released To Backers


Reiza Studios February 2020 Development Update – AMS2 Beta Released To Backers

Reiza Studios owner and project manager Renato Simioni has published the second Development Update for 2020. It will come as no surprise that the main topic of this month’s writeup is the release of the highly anticipated Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

Yesterday, the team at Reiza Studios released a Beta version of Automobilista 2, exclusively for people who backed the AMS2 Crowdfunding Campaign.  The rest of us will have to wait until AMS2 is officially released on March 31st.

For now, let’s find out what the AMS2 development teams has in store for us the next coming months.

Reiza Quote:

So it´s finally there! AMS2 Beta has now been released to Backers as we enter the final month of development before Automobilista 2 is officially released on March 31st – we are very excited to be able to share what we have been working on all this time

In this final stretch we can finally begin sharing a little more not only about what the plans are for release but also going forward – let´s get to it.

Beta Available – Proceed with Caution!

So the first build of AMS2 Beta has been deployed – always a big satisfaction and relief to reach this milestone.

Although the gameplay, content and general functionality of the Beta build’s should be pretty representative of what its release state will be like, the game is very evidently unfinished – there is a lot still to be a lot bolted on over the coming weeks.

With the imminent release of AMS2 Beta, we´ve had a huge influx of new people through the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign over the past couple of weeks. While it´s great to see the interest in AMS2 – and the revenue boost this late in development is by no means unwelcome – we do want to stress that this is still an unfinished Game: there are bugs, compatibility issues with certain hardware, missing features and other such rough edges still to be ironed out. If you are looking for a seamless user experience we strongly recommend you hold out until March 31st when the game will be officially released.

Automobilista 2 FAQ

There’s been a lot of questions posed over AMS2 development and we are finally at a point we feel we can offer reliable answers – check our AMS2 FAQ here. More will be added in the coming days.

Cars & Tracks – what´s in so far

Looking to give a bit more insight into the game and what it will feature, we have started this All Cars & Tracks topic showing all the content featuring in the current build of the game.

Please observe that the artwork illustrates cars and tracks which are present in the game now – not what there will be on release and beyond. We will continue to update it as we progress through the next BETA builds and continue on from release onwards.

Development Roadmap – to release and Beyond!

As we´ve been regularly stressing in these dev updates, AMS2 is a long term project – the release next month will see development pick up even more pace as we enter and aggressive development plan that will see game updates along with new cars and tracks released in a monthly basis.

To give you all a glimpse of how things are going to pan out, here is what´s in store for the first 3 months following release:

AMS 2 Roadmap

Upon release we hope to be in a position to expand our public roadmap to cover the initial 6 months – that´s when things get really interesting

We will continue to provide this foresight at least until the end of 2020 so users can have an idea about what’s coming and when.- with the obvious caveat that roadmaps aren´t set in stone and things can always move around or change slightly.

Early Backing Campaign wrapping February 29th


As previously announced, the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign will close tomorrow at 23:59 GMT. You will still be able to buy the combo of AMS2 + AMS2 Beta + AMS2 Season Pass for US$ 119.99 through our forum store, but the discounts for old backers and other perks from the EBC will no longer be included.

Pricing for the base game on release has been confirmed @ US$49.99, bumped vs previously suggested US$ 39.99 as considerable additional base game content has now been confirmed.

In order to keep it a bit more affordable for early buyers, we have decided to launch AMS2 with a 20% discount over the first week from release, so at least for a little while, the pricing will be inside the original plan.


That´s all for this month – it´s been a thrilling (and exhausting!) ride to this point and we are happy to finally be able to share with you a little more about where we are going with AMS2 – exciting times ahead!

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