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Reiza Studios reached their crowdfunding campaign goal

Reiza Studios crowdfunding campaign

Reiza Studios reached their crowdfunding campaign goal

28 days ago, Reiza Studios launched a crowd-funding campaign to secure the future development od their Game Stock Car Extreme title.

Today Reiza Studios proudly announced that they have reached the $78,000 USD goal they had set for this campaign. At the time of writing, the funding campaign will still continue for another 56 hours.

With the funding goal reached, the Reiza Studios development team will now be able to fully develop the announced content and features listed below. (Keep in mind the planned content and features list might be adjusted according to further feedback from backers and other circumstances.)


  • SuperV8
  • Lancer Cup
  • Lancer Evo Rallycross
  • Formula V10
  • Supertrucks
  • Copa Montana
  • Renault Fluence (Marcas)
  • Honda Civic (Marcas)
  • New Formula 3 Brasil models
  • Bonus car (as chosen via voting by backers)


  • Montreal Modern
  • Autódromo Velo Città
  • Foz dirt track
  • Additional & longer Foz layouts
  • Supertruck layouts for existing tracks
  • Extra layouts to existing tracks
  • Bonus track (as chosen via voting by backers)


  • New UI & HUD system
  • Drivetrain physics development to demand more realistic gear-shifting
  • VR support (including Rift DK2)
  • Tire damage & dirt pickup
  • Dynamic track conditions (rubber build up on the racing line & marbles off-line based on vehicle interaction)
  • Custom offline championship tool
  • Art pass + additional shader development to boost graphics

As we mentioned, the Reiza Studios crowdfunding campaign is still in progress.  Campaign backers from Level 2 & upwards have access to the development forum and the beta builds enabling them to try out the new content before the official release. So if you are a Game Stock Car Extreme fan, and you can spare a few dollars, make sure to help them out.

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