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Reiza Studios SuperV8 Sound Teaser

SuperV8 Sound Teaser

Reiza Studios SuperV8 Sound Teaser

Back in April, the OZV8 modding team officially announced their fictional take on the 2015 Australian ‘Supercars’ touring car series with their new, scratch built mod that will be coming to the Game Stock Car Extreme title.  The OZV8 modding team also mentioned that the licensed physics and sounds would be provided by the Reiza Studios development team.

Now Reiza Studios posted a sound preview of the upcoming and much anticipated SuperV8 car for GSCE. While this video only contains an audio snippet, it is enough to stir some excitement.

Let us remind you that the Reiza Studios crowdfunding campaign is still in progress. Backers of the campaign will soon have access to beta builds and try out the new content before the official release.

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