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Rene Rast Spa 24h Preparation with Project Cars

Rene Rast Project CARS 24h Spa

Rene Rast Spa 24h Preparation with Project Cars

Just ahead of the Official Spa 24h, Audi driver Rene Rast did some laps in the virtual Audi R8 LMS Ultra to get prepared for the test day by using Project CARS to freshen up his track rhythm. From a Sim Racing Community perspective, this is a more than interesting video.

That said, while the Slightly Mad Studios title is certainly one of the most beautiful Racing games out there, it could be argued if Project CARS is the best weapon of choice to get some inhouse track preparation going. Next to using Project CARS, the Rene Rast video’s strongly promote the Fanatec hardware brand. It can only be a good thing for the fans, but this brings us to another question. Are the real world racing driver video’s a purely marketing, advertising format, or do the genuinely think the home simulators are a useful tool?

More and more Sim Racing companies seem to recognize the commercial potential of having a real world racing driver promoting their products. In some cases it became obvious that this was a purely commercial agreement.

The reason for this question is not to slander or troll any of these products or drivers. Being an iRacing addict, and Project CARS fan, I really enjoy the real driver VS simulator video’s. But every time I wonder if this is how they really feel about the simulators we use at home? The same question could be asked about the Sim Racing hardware we use.

While bsimracing is not the most commented website, I would love to hear some opinions regarding this topic.

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