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rFactor 2 – 1967 Formula 2 Mod Announced

rFactor 2 - 1967 Formula 2 Mod Announced

rFactor 2 - 1967 Formula 2 Mod

rFactor 2 – 1967 Formula 2 Mod Announced

Ever since the takeover by STUDIO 397, the rFactor 2 modding scene seems to have picked up some pace and as a result, a number of interesting modding projects are in the works. This is very good news for the sim racing community and will most probably inspire more creative community members to start bringing free new content to the rF2 platform.

Klaasvh and Crossply are proud to present their upcoming 1967 Formula 2 Mod for rFactor 2.

Here at Bsimracing we are especially pleased to see that RMT founder and fellow WSGT2 modder KlaasVH has picked up active modding again. The choice of content does not come as a surprise, as Klaas has always been a passionate fan of vintage racing cars.

As the mod title explains, the 1967 Formula 2 Mod will honor the awesome era of classic F2 racing. The 1967 Formula 2 Mod for rFactor 2 will include 3 unique formula car models and feature their respective drivers.

Mod Content:

  • Brabham BT23 FVA – Driven by Jack Brabham, Denny Hulme, Frank Gardner, Jochen Rindt, Alan Rees, Robin Widdows
  • McLaren M4A FVA – Driven by Bruce McLaren, Piers Courage, Alan Rollinson
  • Lotus 48 FVA – Driven by Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jackie Oliver


  • Klaasvh : Modelling (Primary),Skins
  • Crossply: Textures, Materials, Additional Modelling.
  • ISI: Sounds, Base Physics, Additional Models and Textures (Brabham BT20)

As the mod progresses, we will keep you updated with more in-game screenshots and video footage.

1967 Formula 2 Championship

The 1967 European F2 Championship was the first season using the new 1.6-liter engine formula and would establish the dominance of the Cosworth FVA engine in the class. Prominent chassis constructors such as Brabham, Lotus, McLaren, Matra, Cooper and Lola were all represented in the class throughout the 10 race season.

Formula 2 pitted emerging heroes against the greats of the day and virtually all the top Formula 1 drivers. 1967 was the year of the first ever FIA European Formula Two Championship and featured a selection of legendary racing drivers such as Bruce McLaren, Graham Hill, John Surtees, Jacky Ickx, Jochen Rindt, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, and many more. The Belgian Jacky Ickx became the first Formula 2 champion, driving a Tyrrell-entered Matra.

During the 1960’s, many established Formula 1 drivers would compete in Formula 2 events. However, the two-tier championship structure meant that “graded” drivers were ineligible for points and were therefore only able to compete for race wins.

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