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rFactor 2 – 1967 Formula 2 Mod – McLaren M4B

rFactor 2 - 1967 Formula 2 Mod - McLaren M4B

rFactor 2 – 1967 Formula 2 Mod – McLaren M4B

Back in March 2017, former RMT (WSGT) founder KlaasVH and respected modding artist CrossPly introduced a new rFactor 2 community project named The Garage and announced the 1967 Formula 2 Modding project for rFactor 2.

The Garage modding project aims to bring community members who are interested in physics modding together, to learn and to exchange knowledge and experiences. As a first big project, the Garage participants worked together on a scratch physics set for the historic McLaren M4B 1967 F1 car mod for rF2, creating by KlaasVH and CrossPly. The M4B physics are made in collaboration with smbrm, Miro, Devin and Jokeri. The sounds were created by wolferl and deep-strike.



The McLaren M4B

The M4B was the 1967 Formula 1 car raced by Bruce McLaren. The McLaren M4B’s F1 Grand Prix debut came at Monaco 1967. Its short wheelbase made it surprisingly competitive. McLaren ran as high as third before a pit stop to replace a flat battery dropped him back to fourth at the finish At the next event, the Dutch Grand Prix Bruce, McLaren finished 14th in qualifying. On the second lap of the race, McLaren crashed out, running the only M4B. The car was later repaired, but caught fire during a test at Goodwood and was written off.

Technical specifications

  • Bathtub monocoque formed from aluminum paneling bonded and riveted to four mild steel bulkheads.
  • Single top link with radius arms and lower wishbones, outboard coil spring/shock units and anti-roll bar in front.
  • Twin radius arms reversed lower wishbones and single top links with outboard coil spring/shock units at rear.
  • Girling or Lockheed 10½ inch discs all around with AR calipers.
  • Formed by monocoque sides plus fiberglass nose cone and cockpit surround.
  • 2.1-litre BRM V8 engine with Hewland DG300 gearbox.
  • Wheelbase 93 inches, front track 54 inches, rear track 54 inches, overall length 121 inches, height 30 inches, weight (with ballast) about 1120 pounds to comply with F1 limit.
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