rFactor 2 – 2014 Tatuus Formula 4 previews

Factor 2 Tatuus Formula 4

2014 Tatuus Formula 4  2014 Tatuus Formula 4

rFactor 2 – 2014 Tatuus Formula 4  previews

LTS Modding has released preview screens of his new Tatuus Formula 4 modding project for rFactor 2.

The recent launch of rFactor 2 on Steam and the new rF2 Stream Workshop have motivated LTS Modding to continue work on this promising mod.  If all goes to plan, the mod will include all the Formula 4 championships that were run with an F4 Tatuus 2014, including the different engines, regulations, upgrades, tires, teams, and drivers.

  • Formula 4 ADAC 2015
  • Formula 4 BRDC 2015
  • Formula 4 Italian 2015
  • Formula 4 NEZ 2015
  • Formula 4 Spanish 2015

This scratch-made Tatuus Formula 4 mod will also feature a custom helmet, animated driver model, and the usual templates to paint your own liveries, helmets, and racing suits. Because the real world Tatuus F4 races feature very large grids, LTS Modding is building a performance optimized 3D model, while trying to keep the detail as high as possible.

LTS Modding stated that he currently can only spend a limited amount of free time on the 2014 Tatuus Formula 4 mod and therefore, should be regarded as a long-term project. Once the mod reaches a beta stage he will call out to the community member to help him with the livery work.  When ready, the free mod will be made available via the Steam Workshop.

2014 Tatuus Formula 4  2014 Tatuus Formula 4

2014 Tatuus Formula 4