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rFactor 2 – 2016 USF2000 Released

rFactor 2 - 2016 USF2000 Released

USF2000 rFactor 2

rFactor 2 – 2016 USF2000 Released

STUDIO 397 has released its USF2000 open-wheeler car for the rFactor 2 racing simulator. The 2016 spec USF2000 is the first car add-on since STUDIO 397 took over the development of the rFactor 2.

The nimble open-wheeler races in the American “Cooper Tires USF2000 Powered by Mazda” Series wich is officially sanctioned by Indycar. The USF2000 is essentially a Van Diemen Elan DP08 chassis fitted with a league-mandated aerodynamics package and powered by a Mazda MZR 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine.

The 4 cylinder DOHC engine with fuel injectors delivers a modest 170 hp which propels the car to a respectable 240Km/h  (150mph). The rFactor 2 USF2000 is available in two classes: the Championship class with a 5 speed sequential gearbox, and the slightly lower tier National class, with two transmission choices – the 5 speed (same as in the Championship class, but with a 50 lb weight penalty) and an older, 4 speed H-shifter variant available with three different final ratios.

STUDIO 397 was fortunate enough to be able to gather the necessary data and setup information with the help of Mike Peters who worked closely with the development team and the John Cummiskey Racing team. This resulted in a highly accurate 3D model of the car and a realistic physics set.

Needless to say, the first reactions from the sim racing community were more than satisfying. Already, the USF2000 is being hailed as one of the most fun rFactor 2 cars to date.

The USF2000 is available in the Steam workshop, where you can subscribe to it to have it downloaded and installed into rFactor 2 automatically.

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YouTube publisher Jimmy Broadbent posted a new video in which showcases a USF2000 race at the Mills metro park track. During the talk & drive session, Jimmy shares his first impressions.