rFactor 2 – 2023 Q2 Build Update And Hot-Fix Deployed

rFactor 2 - 2023 Q2 Build Update And Hot-Fix Deployed
rFactor 2

Motorsport Games and Studio 397 have deployed a new Q2 Build Update and Hot-Fix for the rFactor 2 racing simulator.

Check out the full changelog below for more details.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

Studio 397 Quote:

Our updated electric motors will certainly make a splash as we continue to move forward with our goals to perfect electric-driven and hybrid motor-driven sim racing as we believe this is vital to our long-term project plans here at Studio 397. The Formula E Gen3 car, which was recently introduced to the rFactor 2 platform, has benefitted massively from these updates, with the model given further improvements to its energy deployment and motor systems as we continue to better the only official premier electric formula sim racing experience!

To purchase the Formula E Gen3 Car, CLICK HERE!

To purchase the Formula E Pack, including Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 cars and all 6 circuits, CLICK HERE!

Alongside these changes, a large number of improvements have also been made to our AI as we continue to revamp the offline experience on our platform. Thanks to these changes and further bug fixes, our new AI model will now allow the unmanned cars to follow their lines and drive more consistently under all track conditions including full-course yellows, to rejoin races after incidents with more care and consideration, and to no longer mispredict the movements of other cars allowing for you to race them more closely and with the same level of trust as you would have for a real racing driver.

Game crashes and screen freezes due to specific parameters have now been fixed, which we hope will improve the stability of the platform which some users may face issues with. These more general updates have also been made in this hot-fix to assist in smoothing out some of the minor difficulties in our user experience.

The full changelog of our newest update to rFactor 2 is below, simply click update on Steam now to install these improvements to your copy of rFactor 2 today. Keep an eye out for a bumper content drop in tandem with more updates coming your way early next week… #BTCC

Happy Racing!



  • Fixed game crashes caused by corrupt shader compiles
  • Fixed freeze on startup when offline with auto updates enabled
  • Fixed game locking up after changing the resolution
  • Fixed a rare crash when an object has texture shadows casting but no textures assigned to the material
  • Adjusted the way Trackside TV displays enable/disable to stop crashes for some users.
  • Fixed game resetting to lowest resolution instead of desktop resolution when there is invalid data in the config file.
  • Fixed Track Limits not giving time to return place when passing another car after returning to track when gaining time.
  • Disabled depth buffering on driver labels to fix clipping issues


  • Fixed energy consumption and power output mismatch on electric cars.
  • Added check on a temporary boost to not over-ride P2P
  • Fixed battery data not always exported to telemetry plugins
  • Disable [PLUGIN] section to be overridden in upgrades
  • Fixed electric cars shifting to neutral when braking with auto-shift on.


  • Fixed HUD Message Centre text and LED Icons rendering at wrong resolutions at non-HUD native resolutions.
  • Fix for Track Limits display overlapping Flag Icons on Default HUD
  • Fixed ModDev deployment of HUD so choice can be changed in the menu.
  • Fixed Track Limits dialogue not showing text in ModDev.
  • Removed Encryption from HUD mas files.
  • Fixed some issues with cockpit readout icons rendering
  • Fixed boost map not showing on Cockpit Display


Fixed AI not shifting properly when using the old engine format

Fixed AI behavior during Full Course Yellow including:

  • Fixed AI randomly slowing down
  • Fixed AI order during FCY if cars exit the pits before the leader crosses the line
  • General FCY track order fixes
  • During FCY, AI now follows the correct line
  • Fixed AI minimum speed during FCY, so they won’t come to a full stop even if the car they should be following is behind
  • Fixed some situations in which AI would force themselves to drive too fast during safety car conditions, causing them to overtake
  • Fixed AI sometimes slamming the brakes when crossing the line for the first time during FCY
  • Fixed small AI throttle spikes during formation laps and FCY

Fixes for AI behavior on formation laps including:

  • Fixed formation lap speeds so AI can catch up properly
  • Fixed formation laps getting messed up on some circuits
  • Fixed AI attempting to shift in reverse when standing on the grid waiting for the car ahead to go if formation is done by position rather than relative

Improved AI obstacle avoidance including:

  • AI no longer rejoin onto the racing line in front of other cars, especially if they are spun on track
  • Improved AI ability to avoid obstacles on the track
  • Reintroduced emergency obstacle avoidance for very unexpected obstacles
  • Fixed some issues with AI mispredicting the movement of other cars, causing them to collide
  • Fixed AI not giving up position when they get pushed off the road
  • Fixed a small issue causing minor AI pedal input oscillations
  • Fixed a bug in AI acceleration and brake prediction, causing them to be either overly aggressive or overly cautious in corners
  • Fixed issues where cars would struggle to line up on the grid or enter their pit boxes on certain tracks
  • Fixed a crash in AIW creation
  • AI will no longer attempt to aggressively overtake around the outside
  • Nighttime will no longer cause AI to drive very slow
  • Added optional HDV defines to prevent AI from flipping over:

Formula E Gen3 2023


  • New throttle map to give more precision, especially at higher RPM


  • Added Mahindra rims
  • Fixed Penske #1 alpha channel