rFactor 2 Abarth 500 mod V3.0 released

rFactor 2 Abarth 500

rFactor 2 Abarth 500 V3.0 released

Slow Motion released version 3.0 of his Abarth 500 mod for rFactor 2 by Image Space Incorporated. Slow Motion started out with a conversion of the car that was originally made by Thuro76 for the “500_695 Abarth RFE” mod for rFactor1.

In the included video we can watch little Abarth in action on the Dallas Karting Complex.


Abarth 500 V3.0 Changelog:

  • slightly smoothed the FFB strength
  • changed local cams coefficients for harmonizing the 4 car views
  • smooth adjustments for windows that allows “world” reflections but without annoying in driving
  • NEW Motec added to the 695 Assetto Corse and 695 Evoluzione
  • NEW warning light for HLight (ON/OFF) into the dashboard working also in cockpit view
Official Webpage – http://rfactor.net/