rFactor 2 – BMW M2 CS Cup Refreshed – Update V1.47

rFactor 2 - BMW M2 CS Cup Refreshed
rFactor 2 - BMW M2 CS Cup

Studio 397 has updated the BMW M2 CS for rFactor 2 to version V1.47, bringing the car closer to its real-world counterpart. Interestingly, Studio 397 has also Studio 397 hinted that this car will #Soon be available to everyone, free of charge.

  • Performance and Handling Updates:
    • New tyre model, including cooler tires for better grip in prolonged cornering.
    • Refined TC and ABS systems with increased ABS sample rate to 200Hz, ensuring shorter braking distances.
    • The gearbox shift protection system has been added.
    • Noteworthy tweaks like a more aggressive blip, reduced rear spindle friction, updates to suspension geometry, and many more all converge to offer a drive that’s responsive, intuitive, and dynamic.
  • Fresh Liveries: The car will now feature an array of new teams, giving you a more varied grid and online racing choices.
  • Sound Overhaul: Rev up the engine and you’ll notice the distinctive, new sounds, finely tuned to mirror the roar and grunt of the actual M2 CS.
  • Animation & Visuals: The enhanced driver animation now makes every move inside the cockpit more lifelike.
  • Driver Assists: We’ve tuned the traction control to be less intrusive, letting you feel more connected to the track. An increase in the ABS sample rate to 200Hz should help reduce braking distance. A further minor adjustment to ABS aims to offer a smoother force feedback experience.
  • Engine Tweaks: Adjusted fuel consumption for the different engine types (350bhp vs. 450bhp).

BMW M2 CS v1.47 Changelog:

  • Added new teams
  • Added new sounds
  • Added new driver animation
  • Added new tires
  • Added new TC and ABS system
  • Added gearbox protection system
  • Tyre, slightly cooler to reduce grip loss in sustained cornering
  • ABS tweak to reduce locking
  • More aggressive blip
  • Reduce rear spindle friction slightly to reduce ‘rear brake effect’ and improve acceleration slightly
  • Increased ABS sample rate to 200hz to improve braking distance
  • Updates to suspension geometry, dampers, default setup, and ABS parameters
  • Split ClubSport and Cup into their own classes
  • Removed aid penalty for TC
  • Lower default brake pressure
  • Tweaks to the ABS system
  • Longer travel for helper springs
  • Latest spec tires
  • Reworked suspension, aerodynamics, and brakes
  • Tune traction control to be less intrusive
  • Minor adjustment to ABS to try make FFB less ‘grainy’
  • Increase down-shift delay to allow revs to rise fast enough at higher RPM
  • Decrease fuel consumption on 350hp engine to be lower than 450hp engine
  • Increase base grip of wet weather tyres

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

rFactor 2 - BMW M2 CS Cup