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rFactor 2 – Build 1.1116 Now Available

rFactor 2 - Build 1.1116 Now Available

rF2 Nov 2019 Update

rFactor 2 – Build 1.1116 Now Available

Studio 397 deployed a new build for their rFactor 2 racing simulator. This small update addresses some minor issues.

Build 1.1116 Changelog:

Steam Build IDs
client: 4362004
dedi: 4356207

Server admins must update all dedicated servers!

  • Added “Track Cuts Allowed”: You can now configure the number of track cuts before a penalty is given out, in single-player and multi-player. This entry can be found in your ‘player.JSON’ file.
  • Fixed number of track cuts resetting after a driver swap.
  • Fixed an issue where some marshals would not wave flags. This was an issue particular to the Nordschleife and the exceptionally large number of marshals.
  • Added additional logging to help debug driver-swap issues.
  • Fixed VR black screen on startup
  • Fixed Steam client dedicated server crash on startup.
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