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rFactor 2 Build 1098 Now Available

rFactor 2 Build 1098 Now Available

rFactor 2 Build 1098

rFactor 2 Build 1098 Now Available

Image Space Incorporated has released build 1098 for their rFactor 2 racing simulator.

This new build contains the usual fixes and improvements, but also introduces some new features including some tire fixes, fuel mixture adjustment feature, custom setups that are remembered on rejoin, and more.

From now on, the rFactor 2 development team will be concentrating their efforts on the Steam version of rFactor 2, and announced that this build will be the last update of the non-Steam version. Steam will by default auto-update you to 1098 when you next try to launch rF2.




Build 1098 Release notes:


  • Session starting times now default to track GDB values rather than always 9am.
  • Changed default for Controller.JSON value “Use thread” from “true” to “false”.
  • TTool: added a way to set the Surface Load Goal during Quasi Static Analysis, rather than using Surface Height directly
  • Restore garage setup upon race rejoin, if server’s Multiplayer.JSON setting “Race Rejoin” is set to the new value of 3. Note this may be used to restore the fixed setup when that feature is enabled.
  • Added mixture adjustment.
  • Added diffusive adhesion to tire model
  • Tire planar contact compliances can now be adjusted based on tire pressure, etc
  • Added ability to automatically mirror tires rather than re-running TTool tests on a mirrored tire.


  • Various fixes for multiple pitlanes tracks.
  • For rear flap rules, check track wetness in all sessions, not just race by default.
  • Fixed bug where if an AI retires early due to mechanical failure & doesn’t make it completely off the road (to the right), AI following him might try to avoid him….by turning straight into him.
  • When the player’s car is under AI control & the race finishes, he will now retire to the pits and stay retired.
  • Changed the way FFB gets ‘paused’ to avoid halts with certain FFB drivers.
  • Fix for 2nd pitlane cars not finding the right pitlane in race.
  • Fixed exploit that could allow people to change the fuel level when that wasn’t supposed to be allowed.
  • Fixed some issues with virtual vehicles not showing up in car list.
  • Fixed AI cars in pitlane when yellow flag gets thrown getting confused about what they are doing.
  • Anisotropic filter setting fixed for gJED GMTs.

Known issue:

  • Lost wheel intermittent repair after driver change, possibly more likely with higher damage percent set. ‘Normal’ damage repairs function as intended.