rFactor 2 – Build 1108 Additional Patch 1 Released

rFactor 2 - Build 1108 Additional Patch Released
rFactor 2 - Build 1108

rFactor 2 – Build 1108 Additional Patch Released

A week ago, the rFactor 2 development team released its first update under the STUDIO 397 flag. In Build 1108 the development team started out with optimizing and automating the entire rFactor 2 build process and setting up a new internal bug tracking system in order to help speed up public releases of fixes and features.

The new development approach seems to work. STUDIO 397 received a good amount of feedback and bug reports from the community and got straight to work. The result is this first bugfix patch which addresses some urgent issues. The team is now on a well-deserved Newyear’s break but will continue releasing more bugfixes after the end of year festivities.

The Steam BuildID for this update is 1543400, and you can check your BuildID by opening the Steam Client, going into the library, then right click on rFactor 2 to open the context menu. From there, choose “Properties” and in the window that opens select the tab called “Local Files”. The “Current content BuildID” is mentioned there.

Build 1108 additional Patch 1 Changelog:

  • Added an empty “Packages” folder to the dedicated server and to rFactor 2 itself. Both distributions were missing this folder, which caused some confusion.
  • Fixed an issue with nonexistent workshop items. If you were subscribed to a workshop item that was subsequently removed or made invisible to you, Steam would continue to report you as “subscribed” to that item. Because the item no longer exists, it would, however, cause our Launcher to hang whilst waiting for it to download, which could never happen, of course. We’ve made the code more robust and tried to detect all such cases, so you should no longer experience this issue.
  Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com
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