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rFactor 2 Build 590 + Panoz AIV Roadster Available

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Build 590 and Panoz AIV Roadster released

Image Space Incorporated released build 590 of the rFactor 2 Beta. As usual this update fixes various issues on both code and visual aspects of the simulator.  The shadows underneath the cars are further enhanced and optimised. From a visual point of view, this is an important improvement. The somewhat low quality and popping car shadows where a torn in the eye for many sim racers out there. It’s the shadow that makes the car blend in with the scenery. When the shadow is not visible, the cars seem to float above the track. This has been the case for a long time and somtimes gave rfactor 2 that dated look. ISI already improved the shadows in the previous build, but it is rather pleasing to see the development team continue to improve this part of the game engine.

A new Skin Transfer button is added featuring a custom skin system. Also the multiplayer code has been improved. This build should fix the crash to desktop, and inactive join button issues. Last but not least the AI behaviour has been slightly improved.  Some community members also reported a slight frame rate improvement.

As with every new build release, ISI has also updated the rFactor 2 demo version to use the latest code.


You can also use the update button on the rF2 launcher to start updating to the latest build.  As usual also the rFactor 2 Demo is updated to the Build 949 core, and can be downloaded at the rFactor


Panoz AIV Roadster ( Available now )

Image Space Incorporated also released a set of previews showing us the upcoming Panoz AIV Roadster in action on the Silverstone track. It is clear that also on the vehicle side of the simulator the graphic quality is once more improved. In comparison to the older models, this Panos looks a lot more solid. Also the textures look more polished in comparison to the older and rather basic looking texture sets. in combination with the latest tracks, and the improvements added in the last few builds, all parts seem to fall in place.

*** Update!  The Panoz AIV Roadster is now available in the Car download section on the ISI website ***




panoz  panoz

panoz cockpit  panoz silverstone


Rel notes: Update 22 (Build 589-unstable, 590-release) Changelog (March 18, 2014):


  • Fixed bug with HDR lum histogram when in SLI mode
  • Fixed 3D Vision problem with tire shader
  • Added extended ambient shadows under cars
  • Modified EnvReflections = Off mode to render only sky/clouds into ref map


  • Added “+memstats” cmdline option to output memory usage file


  • Fixed crash on MP lobby UI page
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate mas names during packaging; incorporated mutex stuff into masBase to allow toggling of mutex requirement during mas object creation
  • Fixed bug where 1st time running after fresh install keyboard and controller support will be disabled.
  • Fixed a potential problem with upgrades that adjust gear settings.
  • Fix issue where sometimes shadows were fuzzy in cockpit until you hit Insert three times.
  • Fix for sidebars not clearing when exiting replay mode directly from control screen.
  • Fix for issue where a vehicle is constantly loaded/unloaded in multiplayer when they have a special skin


  • Added “Copy To Clipboard” button to TTool.
  • Fixed viewer.exe crash
  • Corrected rFactor Mod Mode.exe UI
  • Fixed lockup when mouse is moved in mod mode

UI / HUD / Options:

  • Added a button to manually transfer loose livery file, so that you may update the server’s copy or get the latest version of the livery stored on the server.
  • Disabled Mod button if server and client version do not match.


  • Fixed +oneclick crash
  • Fixed join button greyed out issue
  • Message box shown if dedicated server is stated with oneclick but no mod is loaded
  • Reduced likelihood of problem in non-race multiplayer sessions where vehicles that joined late would usually not load.


  • Preventing driver database from growing much larger than it needs with duplicate entries
  • Loading custom paths from the lose track directory (*.aip files contain info for a single path)
  • Small change attempting to reduce AI tendency to stay behind a slower car.


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