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rFactor 2 Build 660 In Depth Look by Inside Sim Racing

rFactor 2 Build 660

rFactor 2 In Depth Look by Inside Sim Racing

Darin Gangi and Jason Dunnington of Inside Sim Racing share their In-Depth Look at rFactor 2 Image Space Incorporated. The version used to evaluate the title is the Build 660.

Not many rFactor 2 related story’s made it to the Inside Sim Racing show. So now its time for Darin and Jason to fire up the Image Space Incorporated (ISI) title. After trying out every single car and track in rFactor 2 they evaluate the Physics, Force Feedback, Graphics, Sounds, Cars, Tracks and more. In this show you will find out the like’s and don’t like’s according to ISR. In the end of the video they also talk about their view on the pace of development and overall progress of the rFactor 2 simulator builds.

rFactor 2 is a racing simulation in development by Image Space Incorporated. It is the sequel to the very popular original rFactor. The modding scene has always regarded rFactor as the main platform for custom build racing mods. With competition by Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa coming in fast, it is not sure if rFactor 2 will match its predecessor.

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