rFactor 2 – Build 90, 1960’s v1.1 (Brabham BT20) and Brianza released.




rFactor 2 – Build 90 Released.

Not yet available on the auto updater. They will be available on torrent first, then mirrors, then the ISI http, then auto update.

See the downloads thread in the ISI forum for available links.

Released today is build 90. You can either update from build 85 to 90, or you can use a full installer to get straight there from nothing.

Also released today is update 1.1 to the 1960’s series, which include the new Brabham BT20.

Also released, as a component (how most mod ground should be releasing their content), is Brianza.

From the readme.txt of Build 90…


  • FULL INSTALLER (This is probably what you want first)  –  Main download: Build 90 (491 MB). Torrent: Build 90.
  • MANUAL UPDATE from Build 69 (Not required if you use the full installer)  –  Update download: 85-90 (48.1 MB). Torrent: 85-90.
  • Main download: v1.0 (716 MB). Mirrors: R2PSSync. Torrent: v1.0.
  • Required updates v1.1 (). Mirrors: n/a. Torrent: v1.1.- Brianza
    Main download: v1.0 (278 MB). Mirrors: n/a. Torrent: v1.0.

UPDATE 5 Changelog (June 14, 2012):


Re-enabled HDR profiles for new .hdp files
Added bloom post effect
Further improvements to bloom post fx
Updated some polygon attribs to conform to API change
Shadow tuning
Set some shadow defaults
Tied haze density to fog density
Now adjusting air mass density for sky graphics
New base turbidity because of air mass density change


Added safetycar components
New internal combustion engine code work-in-progress
Added effect on torque from fuel-air mixture (not garage-configurable yet, but running out of fuel now works as it should)
Fixed running out of fuel with new engine code.
Allowed "NonRaceStartSector=1" GDB entry for tracks where the pitlane is between sector checkpoints 1 & 2.


Removed forcing lanes on restart phase for AI.
improvements on AI cars detecting his and other’s relative motion along the line perpendicular to his current driving line.


vehicle & track lists working as an alternative to the spinner gizmo
made options remember last car/track list/spinner state.


Fixed crash that would sometimes happen when picking all cars & track mod
Made RFM/GDB entry "SafetyCarAvailable" work (again).


Fixed server details sharing
Fixed mod downloading. LAN download was always set to true.


Added check for dedicated server that downloadable mod is below the allowable threshold BEFORE declaring the mod available for download (to hopefully reduce instances of unexplained errors on clients)
Added PLR file option "Partial Cockpit View" if you only need wheels or wheels+suspension in your cockpit view.


added a check for autogeneration teleport locations that the waypoint to start from is valid.
Enabled Ctrl-V in public dev build to view input & FFB graph. Also fixed a few compiler warnings.

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