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rFactor 2 – Camaro GT3 and Renault Clio 197 updates available

rFactor 2
rFactor 2 - Camaro GT3

rFactor 2 – Camaro GT3 and Renault Clio 197 updates available

Image Space Incorporated have released two more car updates for rFactor 2 bringing the Camaro GT3 to V1.6 and the Renault Clio 197 to V1.63.

Camaro GT3 V1.6

The 96.4Mb download further improves the overall physics of the Camaro GT3 and also brings the new contact patch model to the car.




Camaro 1.6 Changelog:

  • Fix for headlight and tail light flickering
  • Fix for skin #5
  • Rims added
  • New CPM enabled tyres
  • Added 2013 upgrade which includes 19″ rims and larger front brake discs.
  • Aero adjusted based on new data. The balance is now further rearward with slightly less total downforce. Drag has also been increased.
  • Suspension geometry revised, (less bump-steer among other little bits).
  • Springs detached from spindles. Which changes the motion ratio to something that should be more accurate (the car is now softer on default set).
  • Dampers revised.
  • Default setup revised to match other changes.
  • Brake system recalculated. Giving more even front / rear temps and more accurate brake torques and inertia’s.
  • Less understeer in AI, among other correlation improvements.
  • Softer bumpstops.
  • More restrictive wheel travel.
  • Traction control no longer incurs a weight penalty as the real car utilises this. Also added some extra ‘slip angle’ adjustability in the tuning page.
  • Chassis flex improved, (slightly more rigid car with more accurate self-damping values).
  • Reduced external transmission volume.


rFactor 2 - Renault Clio

Renault Clio Cup 197  v1.63

This 140Mb update adds wet weather tires to the Renault Clio, along with some changes to the contact patch model and various physics tweaks.




Clio 197 v1.63 changelog:

  • CPM enabled tyres, including all latest wet weather parameters.
  • Slightly stiffened chassis.
  • Slight aero correction (forward balance, reducing H/S understeer).
  • Minor ARB tweak.
  • Minor increase in rear unsprung masses.
  • New shaders.
  • Some visual fixes.


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