rFactor 2 – Circuit d’Azur AI And Track Update & New RC Build Released

rFactor 2 Circuit d’Azur AI And Track Update
rFactor 2 Circuit d’Azur

Following yesterday’s SC2018x Stock Car release, Studio 397 is back with a new RC Build and more updated content for the rFactor 2 racing simulator.

This time the rF2 track development team further enhanced the Circuit d’Azur, Better known under another name representing a world famous Formula 1 venue. Besides a number of fixes this new track update also features revised AI behaviour for practice, qualifying and race conditions.

Furthermore, Studio 397 also deployed a new update of the current Release Candidate build for rFactor 2, available on the ‘beta’ tab within Steam Properties. The main ‘Opt Out’ build of rFactor 2 remains unchanged.

Check out the release notes below for more details.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

Studio 397 Quote:

This is something we have been looking forward to delivering for quite a while now – AI updates for the Circuit d’Azur track within rFactor 2. As a firm favourite of drivers and motorsport fans alike, even if the tight and twisty nature of the layout isn’t always an ideal combination to encourage much overtaking on the circuit – unless your rival makes a pretty substantial mistake, and with the barriers this close to the racing line, that prospect is highly likely over the course of a race distance, Circuit d’Azur has proven to be a popular inclusion to our track content within rFactor 2 since we released back in late 2019.

On the subject of making mistakes, it has become apparent that our AI drivers within rFactor 2 would be a little too prone to making unforced errors out on this track, and a select number of cars would make racing against computer-controlled opponents at Azur more of a chore than a pleasure within the simulation. Of course, a track like this always presents challenges with such a wide selection of content as is available in rFactor 2, however, we’ve taken the opportunity in recent weeks to firmly revisit the behavior of AI cars in practice, qualifying and race conditions at this circuit, and we feel this new update is firmly a step in the right direction to allow AI to drive in a much more sensible way when in a race weekend. 

Of course, things can always be improved further, especially once global AI behavior parameters have been updated across rFactor 2 in the future, but for now, we believe this latest release offers a substantially improved player experience, and we hope the many hundreds of laps completed by our development team provide you with an experience on this iconic track that you can enjoy when racing the many varied cars available within rFactor 2.

Azur | rFactor 2 Steam Store: Click Here. 

rFactor 2 Circuit d’Azur

Circuit d’Azure V1.15 Update Notes

  • Revised Cut Corridors
  • Slightly safer AI lines between St Devote & Casino
  • Improved Armco Barrier Collision Meshes
  • Fixed lack of collisions on Media Centre in pit lane
  • Fixed collisions in T1 run-off
  • Regenerated real road profiles
  • Fixed Starter Worker Safety Car Animation
  • Fixed Some Illegal NoRainZones
  • Fixed Wet Road in Tunnel
  • Fixed some material errors
  • Fixed issues with marshals/yellow flags online
  • Updated Crowds
  • Removed Driveable tag from unnecessary objects
  • Slightly reduced rearview distance
  • Improved AI Fast Path

The Circuit d’Azur track update is available now on Steam, and if you are hopeful of further track updates in the near future, stay tuned… we’ve got a couple of new ones set to appear in the very near future. 

rFactor 2 Audi Sport

Latest Release Candidate Steam Build IDs:

*** ( Last minute update – hotfix deployed – Client 6438124 Dedicated 6438127- Fixed an issue where Steam had to be open to start a Dedicated Server ) ***

  • Client 6133456
  • Dedicated 6426499 Changelog


  • General- Added SteamID of each client to race results logs generated by a Dedicated Server
  • Fix issue with Attack Mode overlay information not correctly resetting.
  • Stopped AI playing wipers when in Garage
  • Added automatic headlight and wiper settings for player.
  • These show as an extra step in the key toggles (Headlights: Off / Auto / On) or (Wipers: Off / Auto / Slow / Fast)
  • Skip Auto option when the setting is disabled
  • Added a message about windscreen wiper state to the message centre. Don’t show a message if the vehicle does not have wipers.
  • Auto Headlights and Windscreen Wipers are forced on if no key is assigned”
  • Fixed issue where automatic gears would require a false top gear to correctly downshift for some vehicles
  • Report steam branch and build number on startupHUD- Fixed spacing for weather info in HUDGraphics- Renamed Anti-Aliasing options to show the amount of MSAA applied.
  • Adjust Sunflare strength so that they work with different field of views
  • Added a blend out at screen edge to smooth transition of Sunflare going off screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a texture sampler would not set correctly
  • Fixed an issue that DigitalFlags would behave as Marshals online
  • Reworked Auto Exposure to reduce the calculated exposure “bouncing” around in different conditions
  • Enabled Auto Exposure in Cockpit Cameras
  • Fixed Water not rendering on TV Screens
  • Removed GPU V-Sync option from Graphics Configuration settings
  • Updated Environment Reflection Settings
  • Low/Medium/High/Ultra settings which increase refresh rate and resolution.
  • Ambient light probes now allow for more advanced blending options
  • Fixed stuttering on Replay Monitor screen.UI- Added sector and lap timing to full screen replay bar.
  • Updated the styling and alignment of the full screen replay bar.
  • Fixed UI stopping updating when clicking repeatedly on the track map in the event screen.
  • Corrected the display of FXAA to On/Off
  • Fixed the units to seconds for displaying Transparent Trainer Lead Timer
  • Fixed the display units for Low Speed Information to show a percentage
  • Fixed race countdown not always showing for a multiplayer race.
  • Fixed showing the maximum time for a single player race before the race start.
  • Improved formatting of time durations.
  • Fixed issue where RealRoad setting was carried over from previous track selection in session setup screen
  • Fixed an issue where some tracks would not show in game due to having packed SCN files which were not valid track layouts
  • Added Auto Blip, Auto Lift, Hold Brakes, Hold Clutch, Repeat Shifts, Start Engine, Auto Wipers and Auto Headlight settings to difficulty screenModding- Fixed some minor issues with sample ModDev content
  • Added pop up (mod dev & scene viewer only) / logging to paths where the RRBIN file fails to load
  • Force an update after loading RRBIN in scene viewer or moddev so that it shows correctly straight away.
  • Updated default RRBIN filename scene viewer / moddev tweakbar rollout
  • Setup a stable and beta version of Max Plugins 2021. Stable is the last fully tested internally. Beta is built to the absolute latest code.

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