rFactor 2 – Diriyah E-Prix Circuit Available

rFactor 2 - Diriyah E-Prix Circuit Available
rFactor 2 - Diriyah E-Prix Circuit Available

Studio 397 released a new laser scanned track for Factor 2, in the form of the Saudi Arabian Diriyah E-Prix Circuit. This new track further expands the existing Formula E content for the rF2 racing simulator.

The Diriyah E-Prix is a 21 turn, 2.459km Formula E circuit located in the region of Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Exceptionally fast and containing some of the most demanding corner sequences in modern Formula E, this is a track that offers both great racing and an exciting driving experience. Drivers need to push hard, strategically use their Attack Zone boost and avoid contact with the ever present walls in order to achieve a good result on this circuit.

The Diriyah E-Prix track is available via the dedicated Steam Store page for 7,99€. The 2021 ABB Formula E FIA World Championship bundle is available here for 31,50€ .

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com

The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

rFactor 2 - Diriyah E-Prix Circuit Available

The Diriyah E-Prix layout is a challenging 2.459 km track held on the streets of Ad Diriyah, a short distance from the center of the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. Having achieved the honor of hosting the very first Formula E race in the Middle East when making its debut on the calendar for the 2018-19 season, the circuit has born witness to some exciting moments in the history of the pioneering electric racing series. With a 10-year contract to host Formula E only two years in, the Diriyah E-Prix looks set to form part of the calendar backbone of the championship for a long time to come.

Like all street circuits, Diriyah is a tight and twisty venue. Comprising 21 corners and an average lap time in a Gen2 Formula E car of around 1 minute and 15 seconds. What makes this track particularly interesting is the high volume of long radius corners followed by blind apex turns, together with two long and wide straights that generally opens up more than a fair share of overtaking opportunities for anyone brave enough to give it a try – something we think our rFactor 2 community will very much enjoy! 

rF2 Diriyah E-Prix Circuit
rFactor 2 - Diriyah E-Prix Circuit Available
rFactor 2 - Diriyah E-Prix Circuit Available

Diriyah is a little different from the usual Formula E venue, in that predominantly the circuit is located within a desert location that features some beautiful and typically Arabic architecture around the course, really bringing the culture of the region into the heart of the racing experience.

Thanks to the large working area available to the event organizers, the Diriyah E-Prix layout has been designed to maximize opportunities for drivers to dice wheel-to-wheel in their Formula E cars, presenting significant overtaking opportunities off the back of the two main straights – meaning racing is often fast and frantic and not for the faint of heart. Whilst overtaking opportunities have been well thought through by the event organizers, the circuit layout itself is also packed full of exciting challenges for the drivers to overcome.

Many high-speed changes of direction will place an emphasis on a finely balanced car, however, driver bravery and the ability to maximize corner entry speed around the often blind turns of the circuit are critical to putting together the perfect lap, as is a strategic use of the Formula E exclusive Attack Zone, located in a difficult part of the circuit and perilously close to the ever inviting walls…

The Diriyah E-Prix Circuit is available to purchase in rFactor 2 now.

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