rFactor 2 – FIA Formula Two Williams JPH1B Released.





rFactor 2 – FIA Formula Two Williams JPH1B Released.

ISI released the FIA Formula Two Williams JPH1B  and painting template for rFactor 2.

This is the officially licensed Formula Two car, as seen in this championship: http://formula2.com/

HTTP: Will be available on Wednesday (U.S.) from ISI. 296MB

Torrent: Download. 296MB
Paint template: Download.


  • – There are 20 AI drivers from F2. Run with 19-20 AI for a full field.
  • – Markus Pommer (F2 driver) is not simulated due to his sponsor. We will replace the sponsor, and add him, in a later update.
  • – AI are using statistics and results from the first 12 rounds. Any drivers who participate or get better/worse after round 12, will be added/edited in a later tweak.
  • – Players may want to run an unaccelerated/unskipped qualifying session (30mins, unlimited/30 laps) at the moment. By allowing the AI to set times, the race will run more realistic (less slow drivers causing bunching) as the grid will be more ordered.
  • – Overboost is disabled until proper rules are implemented.
  • – In-car adjustable front wing not yet implemented.
  • – Some users may experience white LED shift lights.
  • – Some users who use filtering in their FFB, may want to use more for this car. Later tire tweaks may take away the need to do this.
  • – We believe wet tyres are too slippery in heavy wet conditions and are waiting on more data.


Official Webpage – rfactor.net      –      Check out the official ISI forum @  http://isiforums.net