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rFactor 2 – Gamer Muscle Test Drive – Formula 3 by MAK-Corp.


Gamer Muscle jumped in the Mak Corp’s Formula 3 mod for Rfactor 2 and gave it a little test and comment on ISI’s new Loch Drummond track.
The Mak Corp’s Formula 3  is still in beta, but acording to Gamer Muscle it is probably the best car in RF2 at this point in time.




International Formula Series 3 Open Beta v0.7 – ©2013 MAK-Corp, All rights reserved.


The International Formula Series 3 is a spec series featuring the FS3-08 vehicle model boasting three engine types with just over 200hp each and two tire suppliers. This spec series is an official series of the World Racing Simulation title and is being released on rF2 as an introduction to the series.


  • FS3-08 Vehicle Model by Koen Calleyl.
  • Mercedes, Volkswagen and Piedrafita engines.
  • Cooper and Dunlop tires.
  • Unique engine performances.
  • Unique tire performances.

Changelog v0.7

  • Fixed undertray to stop instant beaching off track.
  • Force Feedback Upgrades added.
  • Steering Lock range extended.
  • Textures updated to use ‘all’ mipmaps.

Copyright ©2013 MAK-Corp

The 3D Car model, 2D Car Textures, Other 2D Textures, Sound files, Physic files, and any other files that make up this mod are owned by MAK-Corp and must not be used without permission. No content of this mod can be used without express prior permission.

Terms of Use

Those who wish to use this mod for racing leagues or in any method where content is published on their websites must abide by these following rules. In addition, any corporate companies or entities wishing to use this mod for any corporate events must contact us using the Contact Us link on

  • Racing Leagues using this mod must be Certified MAK-Corp Leagues and listed in the Certified Leagues List.
  • Racing Leagues are permitted to change Physics, Cams, Engines, Vehicle names, Liveries, loading screens to suit their league but MUST retain the MAK-Corp logo on loading screens.
  • Racing Leagues may change the mod name to the racing league name but must still retain MAK-Corp as the creator of the original mod.
  • Racing Leagues MUST ONLY post their league version of this mod on the league website. Leagues may not post it on third party websites to be rated like rFactorcentral etc.
  • 3D Models and any other content of this mod CANNOT be used in any third party mods without express prior permission. Please use the Contact Us section to enquire for permissions.
  • This mod must not be used in any way that benefits any party with financial income unless that income is used to give out prizes to their league members.
  • Corporate entities that wish to use this mod in special function events and have a usage licence supplied by ISI for rFactor 2 may freely use this mod at their events. If no usage licence has been acquired, please contact us to inquire on how to get one.

Mod Credits

Mod Production Manager: Petros Mak
3D Vehicle by: Koen Calleyl
2D Textures by: Doug Parker (D.Painter), Jack Hintz & Derek Nye
In-Game by: Stephen Young
Physics by: Derek Nye
Sounds by: ISI
Sound Tweaks: Jose Llamas Torruella & Derek Nye


Official Webpage –