rFactor 2 – Immersion [VIDEO by BSNismo]



Immersion [VIDEO by BSNismo]

Are you ready for a new BSNismo video creation.

This time a very neat production incidently called " Immersion"  showcasing rFactor 2. 

BSNismo Quote:

Ok it doesn’t have DX11 and all the rest but rF2 is IMO the most immersive and visceral sim i have ever used.

No other sim i use makes my believe i am in a real car like rF2 does.
Watching on small screen will give an idea on how good the orignal 6GB+ video looks, as always

Youtube destroys the IQ. But expanded should still look ok, full screen will look poor. Just for the record this is the wrong video that is out of time at the end, i deleted the final version by accident and can’t be bothered to redo it all again as i have deleted all the footage.

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