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rFactor 2 Indianapolis & DW12 Indycar available

rFactor 2 Indianapolis

rFactor 2 Indianapolis Motor Speedway & DW12 Indycar available

Image Space Incorporated released the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track and the Dallara DW-12 Indycar for rFactor 2. The rFactor 2 Indianapolis release contains four versions. The main attraction is the famous oval, but many Sim Racers will appreciate the inclusion of an additional three versions of the road course. The 2007 Grand Prix, 2013 Grand Prix, 2014 Grand Prix and 2013 Oval layouts are supplied in this release.

The drive your own virtual rFactor 2 Indianapolis 500 event, you also get the IndyCar Series Dallara DW12. The car comes in three physically different chassis configurations. Indy 500 Configuration, Oval Configuration, Short Oval Configuration and Roadcourse Configuration. You have a choice of either a Honda or Chevrolet engine with its own distinctive character and sounds. There are also two tire options available. Primary (black-sidewall) and Alternate (red-sidewall).

This is basically the first release of a bigger Indycar related content deal. In the near future, ISI will also release the Reynard 95i, March 86C, Eagle Mk4, Cooper T54 and Watson Roadster for rFactor 2.

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