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rFactor 2 Indy 500 content – first impressions by GamerMuscle

rFactor 2 Indy 500

rFactor 2 Indy 500 content -First impressions by GamerMuscle

yesterday Image Space Incorporated released their version of the Dallara DW12 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for rFactor 2. GamerMuscle jumped in the car to do a few laps, and shares his first impressions of the car and track.

It seems that ISI have produced a nicely balanced car that is easy to drive, and according to GamerMuscle this might be the best single seater in rFactor 2 yet.  GamerMuscle performed his test using a Logitech G25, and felt that the force Feedback was lacking at low speed. It is stated that the car feels very similar feel to the single seater cars that are found in game-stock car. This can only be a compliment.

Indycar fans, will have to give this a try. I am sure they wont be disappointed and will surely appreciate the fact that the rFactor 2 Indy 500 content will be expanded in the near future. ISI is also planning to bring classics such as the Reynard 95i, March 86C, Eagle Mk4, Cooper T54 and Watson Roadster for your rFactor 2 installation.

If you can spare a minute, make sure to share your first impressions trying out this combo.

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