rFactor 2 – KartSim eSports Update

rFactor 2 - KartSim eSports Update


rFactor 2 – KartSim eSports Update

Studio 397, Motorsport UK and Alpha Live have teamed up to introduce the Motorsport UK Karting Esports Championship – Easter Series, utilizing the rFactor 2 Kartsim as the weapon of choice.

In order to bring the virtual UK kart circuits up to date for the upcoming eSports event, all six tracks have now been updated with several fixes as well as graphical updates and new shaders.

Studio 397 Quote

Nearly all of our current motorsport stars have one thing in common when it comes to their career, they all started their path of racing in little karts battling for every centimeter while throwing it sideways into the next turn.

This is probably the purest and, if you listened to interviews of these stars, the most thrilling form of motorsport. Unfortunately, even that joy has been taken away from us in the current situation but thanks to KartSim and the #StayHomeStayKarting initiative, there is something amazing coming up!

KartSim_April_2020_02  KartSim_April_2020_03

Teaming up with Motorsport UK and Alpha Live, KartSim is proud to announce the Motorsport UK Karting Esports Championship – Easter Series. This new competition is a pilot esports race and the first step towards a likely Official Esports Series later this year. In preparation for all the karting action to come, KartSim updates the UK consumer package in regardings of graphics as well as track layouts, bringing your favorite karting simulation up to date with real life developments. Check out the screenshots and dive into the world of real driver vs. driver battles 1 cm above the tarmac!

All six tracks have been updated with several fixes as well as graphical updates and new shaders.

KartSim_April_2020_04  KartSim_April_2020_01

You can check out the original KartSim pack with two highly-accurate fixed-setup karts – the X30 UK Senior Kart and Rental Kart and three famous UK kart tracks, Paul Fletcher International, Buckmore Park and Glan Y Gors and the extension pack with the european tracks of Alaharma, Adria and Kristianstad. All are based on laser scanned technology. Enjoy the drive!

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