rFactor 2 – Ligier JS P217 V1.17 Update Deployed

rFactor 2 Ligier JS P217 V1.17 Update
rFactor 2  Ligier JS P217

Studio 397 has deployed a new update for the Ligier JS P217 Le Mans Prototype which is part of the Endurance Bundle 2 for rFactor 2.

The new update should download automatically the next time owners of the Endurance Bundle 2 DLC restart their Steam client. These changes will be included in the base install of the car for new purchases going forward.

The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99. The rF2 Endurance Bundle 2 is available for €9.00.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com

rFactor 2  Ligier JS P217

Studio 397 Quote:

Initially released as part of a wider ‘Endurance Bundle 2’ DLC, including the mighty Cadillac DPi-V.R and the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, the Ligier immediately proved itself to be a hit amongst our player base, offering a great mix of engaging driving feel and confidence-inspiring performance that allows drivers to really pitch up and fight hard in the midst of a closely fought battle. That said, since release we have identified a number of areas that have required further attention from our development team, which has led to the V1.17 update of today as we look to introduce a number of quality of life improvements to the original car, with new changes aimed at addressing small issues that have come to light over the weeks since our original release. 

So, what changed with this new build I hear you ask? 

The majority of the changes brought to the DLC today focus on visual elements of the JS P217 – including developments to the steering wheel graphics on the Cosworth rim, reworking the transparent rendering of the wheel to remove erroneous raindrop and scenery reflections, plus a range of adjustment that resolves an issue that prevented underbody shadows of other cars from being displayed when using onboard cameras out on the circuit, amongst other changes as detailed below.

Ligier JS P217 V1.17 Update Notes:

  • Corrected steering wheel glass rendering
  • Corrected bug where other cars under shadow is not visible in cockpit view
  • Corrected doors attaches a visible cockpit view.
  • Updated rims shader to IBL
  • Adjusted VFX Wiper textures
  • Wiper sync position fix
  • Fixed missing droplet flow on body works and windscreen
  • Added O-Rouge team livery
rFactor 2  Ligier JS P217