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rFactor 2 – Lola T280 by PIXSIM Xmass Beta Release.


PixSim posted a download link for the BETA release of his Lola T280 for rFactor2. His way of wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Important! For the mod to work the following tracks have to be installed. 

  • Spa66
  • Monza66
  • Monaco66 ( ISI)
  • Croft 0.9
  • VLM mid ohio
  • Sebring

Having served Lola and the company’s customers very well for five seasons, the T70 was finally discontinued in 1969.Building a replacement that would be a match for the might of the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 was not surprisingly beyond the specialist manufacturer’s modest means.

One of the biggest problems was the unavailability of an engine that could match the German and Italian V12s for power and/or durability. InsteadLola set its sights on the European Two Litre Championship with the all-new T210 for which customers lined up in large numbers and competitive engines were readily available.

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rFactor 2 – Lola T280 by PIXSIM Xmass Beta Release.