rFactor 2 – Lola T70 Spyder V1.0.4 Released

rFactor 2 Lola T70 Spyder V1.0.4

Lola T70 Spyder  Lola T70 Spyder

rFactor 2 – Lola T70 Spyder V1.0.4 Released

CrossPly released version 1.0.4 of his Lola T70 Spyder mod for rFactor 2.

This latest version of the Lola T70 Spyder mod adds the final two car models from the original Howston G6, the Mk3 and Mk3b. CrossPly is calling this version 1.0.x as that completes his original goals for the mod. However, this won’t be the last release. Bug fixes will be forthcoming as needed and some further improvements are planned.

Unlike the G6, the mk3 and mk3b cars are added as a separate car within the mod to the previously released mk1/mk2. It contains a separate upgrade file and uses a different skin template.

The mk3/mk3b car features the following differences in comparison to the mk1/mk2:

  • An optional new nose type, introduced by Lola sometime in 1967. In sim this is known as the mk3b nose but it’s also found on some mk3’s. The differing nose options provide no difference in performance.
  • Additional front and rear wing options that provide more downforce.
  • More powerful engines.
  • Improved brakes with in-car adjustable bias.
  • Wider tyres
  • Narrower track (mk3b only)
  • Lighter weight (mk3b only)

Planned Improvements:

  • Update tyres to CPM. (dependent on ISI update schedule on the Howston’s.)
  • Additional Engine and Tyre options (Maybe).


The mod is released on the Steam Workshop. Non-Steam users can manually download the 182 Mb mod file here.



Changelog: 07/01/2016 – Second Public Release: 1.0.4

  • Added mk3 and mk3b models. These are based on the physics of the Howston G6 originals. The mk3 and mk3b cars are added as a separate car to the mk1 and mk2 and use different skin templates. AI drivers and liveries are mostly based on the real life 1967 and 1968 Can-Am and USRRC seasons with a couple of 1969 ones to help pad out the field.
  • Adjusted AI settings to reduce crashing at common tracks, hopefully, this hasn’t made them too slow…
  • Improved glass material settings and enabled cube-map.
  • Made rollbar texture paintable and added car specific variants where appropriate. Paintable using ‘EXTRA1’ wildcard.
  • Added driver specific helmets, particularly for the more recognisable drivers. Paintable using ‘HELMET’ wildcard.
  • Added new driver dust mask and textures. Paintable using ‘EXTRA6’ wildcard?
  • Adjusted body material settings and textures for improved specularity and reflections inspired by the work of Tosch for the Apex GT3 mod, thanks to both of them.
  • Adjust body generated dirt and weathering to be a bit more subtle.
  • Various individual skin fixes and colouring tweaks.
  • Updated details and textures for the original G6 dash to be used by the Mk3b
  • Added additional dash for mk2 (and mk3)
  • Added additional dash for mk1
  • Added missing shift light.
  • Fixed flickering gauge glass material.
  • Rebuilt seat to fit cockpit bodywork.
  • Improved fibreglass texture and dirt/weathering.
  • Improved cockpit bodywork, now includes accurately modeled doors.
  • Added ‘pontoon’ ram air intakes as an option. These come with an improvement in power and torque but more weight and drag.
  • Improved tail light chrome texture and material.
  • Fix unwanted reflections from a few key areas.
  • Added unique intakes and exhaust textures for the different engine upgrades to make them visually identifiable.
  • Split Engine physics from the “Model” upgrade into its own upgrade.
  • Improved engine and gearbox textures and geometry. Textures now based on Brabham BT20
  • Improved headlight and tail light textures and implemented light flare shaders. Thanks to Some1 for creating them and making them available to the community.
  • Added rim-blurs
  • Improved driver physique (now includes seatbelt) and animation.
  • Fixed bonnet view cam clipping through nose bodywork.
  • Added additional Lods for minor components (Headlight reflectors, Rear Wing Parts).
  • Adjusted .rcd file to provide a greater spread of Speed and QualifySpeed values
  • Added Missing A.J. Foyt driver to AI .rcd file.
  • Fixed side mirrors to be independently adjustable