rFactor 2 – Longford 1967 V0.97 Released

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rFactor 2 – Longford 1967 V0.97 Released

WooChoo has released version 0.97 of his historical Longford 1967 track for rFactor 2. This 404Mb download is the third  release version of the project.

The historic racetrack features 42 garage spots, 14 pit boxes, and 42 grid slots. WooChoo implemented a massive set of high-quality textures making the track look even better than his initial release. Check out the extensive changelog for more details about this new release.  You are encouraged to uninstall older versions before installing the new one.


The Longford Circuit was a temporary motor racing course laid out on public roads at Longford, 23 kilometres (14 mi) south-west of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia.

Changelog V0.97

  • Road: New T1/main textures.
  • Road: Small texture changes and increased resolution, and modified material settings for detail textures.
  • Road: Some variation to road edge geometry.
  • Road: Some small adjustments to road camber and crown.
  • Road: Some reduction of the more extreme bumps.
  • Road: Added some road surface repair patches.
  • Road: Higher polygon density in some corners (makes more precise RealRoad effects).
  • Road Lines: Some changes in resolution, normal maps, and material settings of decal lines.
  • Road Lines: Added small, fictional yellow paint markers to the yellow pitlane line to indicate pit-in/pit-out for speed limits.Roadside Kerbs/Gutter: Updated some textures and increased some resolutions.
  • Terrain: Initial implementation of new terrain shader (from rF2 build 860)
  • Terrain: Mostly new textures.
  • Terrain: Added geometry to some verge edges for variation and texture lerping.
  • Terrain: Some verges have changed from grass to gravel.
  • Terrain: Added shadow casting meshes for some steeper terrain areas, and global sun-blocker, to improve morning/afternoon lighting.
  • Terrain: Added some basic terrain reflection meshes where appropriate.
  • River: Added geometry to river and river shore, to improve mapping and appearance.
  • River: Adjusted water textures and material properties.
  • Train lines: New train line  meshes, adjusted textures, added specular and normal mapping.
  • Viaduct: New Model (more poly’s, more pixels, more precise).
  • Pub: Some small upgrades to textures and material.
  • Pit Building: Some basic stopgap updates to the pit building (a new mesh is planned in the future).
  • Control Tower: Some quick and basic texture adjustments.
  • Water Tower: Higher resolution texture and material adjustments.
  • Culverts: New models for Viaduct, Tannery Straight, and Newry Road culverts.
  • Roadside Marker Posts: Replaced with new models and textures (including reflectors).
  • Hay Bales: Textures re-toned and higher resolution.
  • Fences: New wire texture for fences (includes rusty barbed wire).
  • Fences: Added normal mapping to some fence elements and increased texture resolution for some fences.
  • Fences: Adjusted Fence collisions outside of Turn 1 to reduce severity of 3-wide AI incidents at the start of a race.
  • Trees: Rearranged some poplar trees after Newry Corner.
  •  Trees: Fixed some broken shading on some trees.
  • Trees: Removed self-shadowing from trees (in some ways it’s better, in some ways it’s worse).
  • Trees: Fixed some Z-fighting on some distant trees.
  • Trees: Replaced some tree walls with massed X-trees.
  • Sponsor Banners: Adjusted some textures and added specular and normal maps to some banners.
  • Lights: Shortened attenuation of streetlights and floodlights.
  • Shadow Meshes: Removed some old-style dummy shadow meshes from some buildings (now using the visible mesh to cast some shadows).
  • AIW: Adjusted fast path on Tannery Straight to reduce AI crashes in wet conditions (some may still occur when low-grip cars are side by side).
  • AIW: Some adjustments to create (a quite subtle, hack) wind-shear reverb effect on power poles.
  • Physics: Some changes to physics of movable objects (hay bales, marker posts, signs)
  • Indy Aero: Included VehicleConfig.ini to force Indy DW12 to use Road course aero package.
  • Optimisation: Some batching and adjustments to some draw distances may produce small FPS improvements.
Official Webpage – https://rfactor.net/