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rFactor 2 – March Engineering 761 & 741 Previews

rFactor 2 - March Engineering 761 & 741 Previews
Mauricio Leiva 70s F1

Mauricio Leiva 70s F1  Mauricio Leiva 70s F1

rFactor 2 – March Engineering 761 & 741 Previews

Internet friend and talented 3D modeler Mauricio Leiva from Argentina has been working on several fantastic 3D models. With the help of PIXSIM, Chiefwiggum, and Damian Baldi, Mauricio will now bring them to the rFactor 2 and Automobilista racing simulators. The March 761 is the first car to be featured in the upcoming F1 1976 Mod.

Mauricio is now updating his March Engineering 761 model in order to render the car as nice as possible with the new rFactor 2 DirectX 11 engine. After some hard work, Mauricio now shared the first in-game previews of the updated car. He showcases the model wearing the famous yellow/blue Duckhams livery as raced by Ronnie Peterson. Furthermore, Mauricio also shared some early WIP screens of the 1974 March Engineering 741 he is working on. (Pictures below)

The March 761 was developed by Robin Herd and raced during the 1976 and 1977 Formula 1 season. The car was powered by a Ford/Cosworth DFV 3.0 liter V8 engine. The 1974 March 741 was, in essence, a Formula 2 chassis powered by a Formula 1 Cosworth DFV engine. The March 741 was raced by famous names in motorsports such as Hans-Joachim Stuck and Vittorio Brambilla.

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