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rFactor 2 – More Update Patches Deployed

rFactor 2 -  More Update Patches Deployed

rFactor 2 GT3 Update

rFactor 2 – More Update Patches Deployed

During the past few days, STUDIO 397 has released a couple of new update patches for the rFactor 2 racing simulator. Besides addressing some remaining issues after releasing last month’s Build 1109, the recent patches also contain content updates and ad new ambient undercar shadows which will further increase the visual quality of the sim.

Steam Build ID 2438696 (15-01-2018)

Dedicated Server SteamCMD Build ID 2438698

  • Fixed join lag in multiplayer.
  • Updated language files (to avoid crashing when the LSI screen was active).
  • Fixed wipers on/off in replay.
  • Fixed rain in cockpit in MP sessions.
  • Fixed V-sync software with ‘custom resolution’ (Config_DX11.ini).
  • Fixed TCP Matchmaker error message in the dedicated server UI.
  • Added an all new ambient undercar shadow: more stable, reliable, and clearly visible even at night. The shadows can no longer clip through the ground, nor are they visible on the ground below a bridge when a car drives over that bridge. This new tech requires no intervention from content creators. We automatically remove the current undercar art and replace it with the new system. On subsequent updates, content creators can remove the old artwork.

Important Note: Please make sure and update your SteamCMD Dedicated server by running the command again in terminal

Latest Content Updates:

  • Dallara – v1.96
  • Radical GT3 – v1.995
  • Radical SR3-RSX v1.96
  • Nissan GTR GT1 – v1.93
  • Silverstone – v1.84* Portugal – v2.28

Additional Changelogs:


Radical GT3 – v1.995

  • Corrected slick tires referring to the wrong compound.

Radical SR3-RSX v1.96

  • Added newest CPM.
  • Corrected lateral CG (center of gravity).

Dallara – v1.96

  • Corrected texture mapping issue.



  • Fixed rain not hitting the ground (Main straight to T2).


  • Rain updates.

Changelog (19/01/2018)

Steam Build ID 2445683 has just been released. It addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed undercar ambient shadows showing on non-visible cars.
  • Fixed undercar ambient shadow glitch on some tracks.
  • Fixed rare case of abnormally low FPS on some third party WIP content.
  • Removed undercar ambient shadows in rear view mirrors when car is not rendered.
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