rFactor 2 moves to a new company. Welcome Studio397

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rFactor 2 moves to a new company. Welcome Studio397

Ever since 2009, rFactor 2 tried to continue what its massively popular predecessor started. Initially, the rFactor 2 project looked very promising but soon got criticized for its slow development cycle. While die-hard fans might state otherwise, it is safe to say that the majority of the sim racing community does not seem to embrace rFactor 2.

This is a real shame because there is no doubt that the sim racing title has a huge potential. rFactor 2 features stable net-code, awesome physics, solid Force Feedback, modding support and dynamic weather/time of day functionality. So where did things go wrong? Slow development? Lack of new content? Lack of structure? If you know it, let us know.

While rFactor 2 lately has to rely on its third-party content delivery, the competing sim racing platforms such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, and RaceRoom to name a few, were starting to show their futureproof potential and introduced exciting new features and content for their products. Image Space Incorporated looked to be idling and did not respond to the rapid change in the sim racing world, nor did it seem to be able to secure rFactor 2’s future. Its only fair to mention that the ISI rFactor 2 outfit is powered by only a small development team, and might not have had the financial resources to bring us the product we all dreamed of.

But now things might radically change…

Today, 15th September 2016, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch software group Luminis to accelerate rFactor2’s development. The partnership will be brought into a new company named Studio397.

Now hold on to your seats. Studio397 rolled out an ambitious roadmap for rFactor 2. They are planning to equip rFactor 2 with a new DX11 based graphics engine including VR support. Furthermore, they will revamp the user interface and try to increase the frequency of new car and track releases. Last but not least, Studio397 will try to recruit new strategic partners to secure the long-term development of the platform. This is more than exciting news, and might just be what the doctor ordered to get rFactor2 back on its tracks.

The king is dead, long live the king!

Gjon Camaj, Vice President of Image Space Incorporated: “We at ISI are very pleased to have found a partner that shares our enthusiasm and vision for the continued growth of rFactor2. We look forward to working with Luminis to expand the reach of rFactor2 both in Europe and beyond. After having worked with Luminis for some time and seeing their passion for motorsport simulation, this partnership was a natural next step. By leveraging each of our company’s individual strengths, we will be better able to serve our current customers and further expand our reach into the world of motorsports.”


Studio 397 will have its headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and will operate under the leadership of Marcel Offermans who is the Director of Luminis Technologies. Many community members will undoubtedly know Marcel as the friendly fellow sim racer that brought rFactor and rFactor 2 to Steam. Marcel is also part of the well-known Simracing for Holland team.

Marcel Offermans, Luminis Fellow and Managing Director of Studio397: “I am really excited by the opportunities that our partnership with ISI offers; rFactor2 represents the best of breed, stable simulator platform in the industry. Online SIM racing has been my longtime personal passion, so the opportunity to combine my passion with my business feels like a great privilege. By infusing the platform with some of our own technology we see great opportunities to accelerate development in general and specifically in the areas of competitions and training.”


There can never be enough good news in the Sim Racing scene. We at BsimRacing wish Studio397 all the best with in their new adventure. Now lets get to work.

Official Webpage –  www.studio-397.com