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rFactor 2 – New Content Updates Available

rF2 Nissan GT500

rFactor 2 – New Content Updates Available

Studio 397 deployed a number of content updates for the rFactor 2 racing simulator, including the Porsche Cup Endurance package, Reiza pack updates, new Nürburgring layouts, Nissan GT500 updates, Aston Martin Vantage GTE updates, and a chance to win a free DLC pack of your choice via a new painting contest.


It’s Friday, everyone! Not yet ‘Black’ Friday, and not yet Roadmap time… But hey, never a wrong Friday to get some spontaneous rFactor 2 content updates!


First, we’ve added the three new layouts we promised for the Nürburgring:



‘Sprint’ is a short version of the GP layout, it detours the Ford, Dunlop and Audi curves, and instead swoops back quickly transitions into the Michelin curve. A great layout for quick races with high downforce!

Sprint No Chicane


Same as the ‘Sprint Short’ version but with a more flowing last sector. The chicane is replaced with a more flowing S style turn that makes it a bit less technical. Also great for slower classes and quick sprint races, as the name implies.



This is the monster layout you all have been waiting for. Used religiously in endurance series, this is one of the main events of the modern Nürburgring / Nordschleife calendar.


rF2 Nürburgring

rF2 Nürburgring

rFactor 2 Nurburgring Endurance

Porsche Endurance

The Porsche 991 GT3 Cup gets an exciting update! The Endurance Package kitted out and ready for full attack on the Nordschleife.

The Endurance package consists of different dampers and 2 sets of softer springs, compared to the Supercup specification. The Endurance package also comes with the ABS system and aerodynamic package: front fender flares + rear wing 10 mm gurney flap and restricts the engine power output to a nominal 413 PS. Additionally, the Endurance package also comes with a possibility to refuel the car, with fuel tank capacity lowered to 95 L, compared to 100 L with the Supercup specification. The car also weighs 30 kg more.

We’ve also added a couple of new shiny liveries, notably one that our very own René Buttler drives!


rF2 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup  rF2 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup

rF2 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup

Nissan GT500


  • Updated to new materials
  • Adjusted the windows in and out GMT so it can be skinned
  • Rim LODs fixed smoothing groups
  • Adjusted smoothing groups for all tire LODs
  • Added proper icons
  • Updated Templates


rF2 Nissan GT500  rF2 Nissan GT500

rF2 Nissan GT500

Nissan GT500 Screenshot Contest

By now a legend in its own right, the beastly Nissan GT500 2013 gets a full update to the new material system. And with that, we know for sure that some insane looking community liveries will surface out there in the wild.  So we thought, how about a contest to reward the best-looking examples!

Contest Details:

  • The contest goes for one week from Friday, November 22nd to Friday, November 29th.
  • The winner gets a free DLC pack of their choice.
  • All submissions will go on Discord/Facebook/Twitter. For Facebook and Twitter simply @rFactor2 hashtag #GT500SkinContest and on Discord, we will open a special channel to post submissions (Nissan-gt500-content).
  • Join Discord here if you haven’t already.
  • Winner will be announced on the 29th and featured in the November Roadmap.



Aston Martin Vantage GTE


  • Minor fix to show proper GTE badge on steering wheel

Reiza Studios Pack

The ever so very popular Reiza Studios Pack is still going strong, with a good amount of updates to share based on user feedback.

  • Imola:
    Fixed various reported wall collision issues and holes in 1988 & 2001 versions.
  • Metalmoro AJR:
    Adjusted aero pitch & yaw sensitivity;
    Slightly downgraded Judd V10 performance to better match that of other engine variants;
    Added turbo model to the AJR Honda Turbo variant.
  • Metalmoro MR18:
    Added turbo model;
    Adjusted aero pitch & yaw sensitivity.
  • MCR 2000:
    Adjusted aero pitch & yaw sensitivity;
    Slight graphical height correction.


Reiza6  Reiza5

Reiza3  Reiza1

That’s all, enjoy your weekend and happy painting!

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