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rFactor 2 – New DX11 Content Updates

rFactor 2 - New DX11 Content Updates

rF2 Formula 2 2012

rFactor 2 – New DX11 Content Updates

STUDIO 397 has released new DirectX 11 updated versions of the Formula 2 2012 open wheeler and the São Paulo 2013 for the rFactor 2 racing simulator. The Formula 2 2012 which was originally released back in 2012, also receives an extensive list of physics updates bringing the car’s handling model up to standard with the more recent models. Check the full changelog below.

Latest rFactor 2 DX11 Updates:



Formula 2 2012 Physics changelog:

  • Full CPM tyre upgrade.
  • AI improvements to help launch on race starts.
  • AI now take longer to warm up tyres.
  • AI correlation tweaks to slightly decrease grip.
  • Added RCD / talent file.
  • AI tweaks to make them faster overall.
  • Lower initial tyre temperatures and more pressure buildup.
  • Softened front ARB.
  • More damping in suspension components.
  • Minor tyre tweaks to include more damping.
  • Correction to low downforce package to add stability.
  • Added optional caster upgrade to help increase the cornering forces in the FFB.
  • Reduced flatspot intensity on front tyres.
  • Softened steering slightly.
  • Low-end torque slightly increased.
  • Corrected unsprung inertia.
  • New engine throttle map.
  • Softened chassis.
  • Improved inertia.
  • Lowered max brake force.
  • Set default brake pressure to realistic typical usage.
  • Rear ARB increased to be bit stiffer and better match the data.
  • Reduced fuel consumption by appropriately 20%, this should give more plausible fuel consumption figures.
  • Slightly less dirty air in the slip-steam (in particular, less understeer so you can follow a tiny bit closer).
  • Front ARB now displays stiffness to make it clearer.
  • Wheel rate correction.
  • Added chassis flex.
  • Added new steering system.
  • Softened shifts, this should make up-shifts more harmonious especially in mid-corner.

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