rFactor 2 – New layouts And Track Updates For Monza

rFactor 2 - New layouts And Track Updates For Monza
Monza Start Finish

Today Studio 397 released update V1.21 for the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza for rFactor 2.

After a few weeks of hard work, the rF2 development team has addressed a number of ongoing issues, and added two brand-new track versions to the virtual Italian GP venue in the form of the Junior and Curva Grande Layouts.

Check out the full changelog below, for more details.

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza for rFactor 2 is available via the dedicated Steam Store page for 8,99€.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

Monza Junior Layout

Studio 397 Quote:

Monza is absolutely one of the most well known and highly respected racing circuits in Europe, and as we’ve said in previous messages, we are delighted to finally have the opportunity to bring this track to life within rFactor 2 – helping us continue in our quest to add the most relevant, exciting and high profile content possible to the simulation as we look to further flesh out and expand your racing experience within the simulation. Already we’ve observed some outstanding feedback and reaction from the rFactor 2 community about the track, which fills us with a  great deal of pride here at the Studio to see just how much many of you are enjoying the new release.

With that, all said, we also recognize that as a regular host to Formula One racing and other International events, most of the attention around the Monza release would likely have been focussed on recreating similar experiences for yourself – namely the high-speed Grand Prix layout of the track.

As we spent the majority of our initial development time looking at bringing this layout to life within the title, we also recognize that many drivers would be, like us, excited to sample some other circuit variations that exist at Monza, especially as these different configurations also suit a wide variety of car types that are perhaps slightly slower than the traditional top-level machinery that is often employed around the Italian venue. 

While we were out at the track earlier this year collecting the vast amounts of scanning data and reference materials for this project, we always had the intention to take some time out to look at the shorter variants of the circuit, with a view to bringing these into the main release a little after the full circuit goes live in the rFactor 2 Steam Store. Well, dear reader, that day has come, and now it is time to share these two new configurations with the world… 

Monza Junior Circuit

Monza Junior Layout

In effect, the smaller, national, circuit to the main configuration, the Junior layout at Monza has played host to a number of minor race events and series over the years and continues to be a popular variation of the main circuit layout for lower-powered machinery.

Opened in 1958 and originally called ‘Pista Junior’, the shorter variation of the Italian circuit links the grandstand straight with the opposing back straight through a series of several curves, presenting at least one reasonable additional overtaking opportunity despite the tight nature of the new section of track. Ideal for smaller, lower-powered machinery and touring car-style vehicles, the Junior layout at Monza most certainly adds another very different dynamic to the Italian venue.

Monza Grande Circuit

Monza Grande Circuit

One word. Fast. 

Utilizing the full circuit configuration just like the main layout, the key difference with the Grande layout is the removal of the T1 chicane at the very start of the lap. Without the need for cars to brake heavily into the opening Retiffilo right-left, the speeds achieved on the Grande Circuit are seriously impressive.

Foot absolutely planted to the floor from the exit of Parabolica all the way down into Variante della Roggia, this is as close to an oval as you are likely to get from a modern purpose build road course circuit. 

As well as adding these two new and very different configurations to our existing track release – at no additional cost – we’ve also taken the opportunity to further work on the track and add some additional refinements and improvements that have been possible to put together since the original release back on June 24th.

In this new build update, our track team has spent some time working on AI behavior at certain points on the circuit, as well as bringing a few visual tweaks to the various configurations and introducing some optimizations for different shadows and detail settings – a full changelog of which can be found below:

Monza Circuit for rF2

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza v1.21 Update Notes:

  • Added Junior and Curva Grande Layouts
  • Updated Cut Detection on Main Layout
  • Replaced a few tree types and some minor foliage updates
  • Updates to road tyre marks
  • Reduced crowd density in practice sessions
  • Some optimization to Shadow and Detail settings
  • Fixed road line decal clipping before first chicane
  • Fixed AI car behaviour swapping lanes on rolling starts
  • Slight adjustments to AI lines through Lesmo turns
  • Fixed some minor lodding issues with Trees

We are sure you will have some great racing adventures on the main configuration and the two additional layouts of Monza we now have in rFactor 2, and we can’t wait to hear your tales of heroic overtaking maneuvers and, more likely, frustrating T1 spins and crashes over the weeks and months ahead.

Don’t forget, the new Autodromo Nazionale di Monza track is now active in the rFactor 2 Competition System, so if you fancy trying your luck against fellow members of the rFactor 2 community, make sure to pop over to the Competition tab in the rFactor 2 UI and sign yourself up for a race – just be careful under braking into T1!!

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