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rFactor 2 – New Update Deployed

rFactor 2 - New Update Deployed

rF2 10_06_17

rFactor 2 – New Update Deployed

Studio 397 promised to make their rFactor 2 updates available on a more frequent basis, and so they do. Today they released a new update for rFactor 2 fixing some of the most noticeable issues. Keep in mind that this update is part of a Beta in development. Studio 397 hopes to move to a full release over the next few months.


  • Fixed excessive marble build up on some tracks.
  • Fixed UI and HUD colors reversed on some elements.
  • Fixed VR issue where clouds were clipping over the horizon.
  • Switched rFactor 2 screenshot function to Steam screenshot.
  • Fixed Gmotor 2.5 scene viewer showing all stages of real road at the same time.
  • Fixed CTRL+C (CPU/GPU usage chart) being only visible with driver name tags. ON.
  • Fixed Dev Mode Launcher ‘Video Settings’ button not properly saving.
  • Fixed a sporadic issue where changing graphics settings would cause black areas to appear around the car body.
  • Updated Fanatec SDK: Added native support for LEDs and gear shift indicators.
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